Motor vehicle accident kills Tennessee woman

A fatal car accident is devastating — both for the victim and for grieving family members left behind to mourn their loss. A motor vehicle accident is often caused by negligence, such as wrong-way driving or someone driving too fast for prevailing weather conditions. In one recent tragedy, a Tennessee woman was killed after being involved in a three-vehicle accident.

The accident happened on a recent afternoon on a highway in Wilson County. Authorities responded to the scene of the crash. Upon a preliminary investigation, police say that an SUV ended up hydroplaning, causing the driver to veer into another lane of traffic and strike a vehicle. That vehicle, in turn, hit a woman’s sedan, and the impact caused her car to travel off the highway and down an embankment. Tragically, the woman died, while no other individuals were harmed in the accident.

Authorities do not believe that the crash was caused by drugs or alcohol. The road was closed off for hours while officials continued to investigate the crash. No other details regarding this crash were reported.

A fatal motor vehicle accident can be shattering for a family. The driver who is responsible for this type of tragedy sometimes winds up facing criminal charges. The family who is affected retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the other party to recover damages suffered. Claims like these are reviewed in Tennessee civil court to determine if there is enough evidence of negligence to warrant compensation. If the evidence presented is sufficient, families may receive compensation that could assist them with the unexpected expenses that stemmed from the fatal accidents.