Elder care facility sued for nursing home neglect

A nursing home is in a legal entanglement following a patient death in its facility. Tennessee residents may be interested in learning about a female patient who died as a result of alleged nursing home neglect and elder abuse, among other issues. The family of the woman filed a lawsuit as a result.

The woman became a resident at the facility after it became apparent that she could no longer take care of herself. This was mostly due to throat cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. When she was admitted, the staff was informed that she would need assistance with ambulation and that she required extra vigilance to prevent skin breakdown. Due to her frail condition, the staff was required to turn her every couple of hours. However, while the woman’s daughter was visiting her, she observed that she was not receiving adequate nutrition or proper medication.

Eventually, a doctor for the nursing home informed the daughter that the woman had developed a potentially deadly MRSA infection, which often develops when skin wounds do not receive proper care. In January of 2015, the woman died due to the condition that allegedly developed at the nursing home. This is one of the multiple lawsuits that was filed against the nursing home. Last year, the nursing home paid out a large sum in damages to a patient who suffered injuries while under its care.

Unfortunately, there are apparently many cases of nursing home neglect that occur throughout the country. Often, neglect leads to serious injuries and sometimes death, as with this case. This case is an example of how proper care can prevent tragedies like this from happening. Tennessee families who are faced with similar circumstances may want to speak with experienced personal injury attorneys who will go over all of their options and answer any questions they have.