Man innocent of murder files medical malpractice claim

A Tennessee man who was found not guilty of murdering his father in 2014 has filed a lawsuit against a health clinic, a nurse practitioner and two doctors. Court documents related to the medical malpractice lawsuit show that he claims that their negligence led to an incident in which he killed his father. In the murder trial, the judge found him to be insane at the time, and he is currently being treated at a mental health institute.

The complaint states that the defendants altered his medication routine, causing withdrawal symptoms that brought about paranoia and delusions. While the home of his parents was under construction, he apparently mistook circular saws for torture devices, believing construction workers were hired by his father to end his life. He subsequently killed his father by stabbing him in his heart.

The plaintiff claims that the facility unlawfully allowed a nurse practitioner to treat him. He further claims that he was instructed to stop his medication routine and was told to take a new drug that was in a lower amount. The man also claims that his medical records were unlawfully altered after his father’s death.

Medical malpractice claims can be extremely complicated and obtaining sufficient evidence to substantiate a claim of medical negligence may prove to be difficult. However, Tennessee residents who believe they have been victims of medical malpractice may find comfort in learning that help is available. Experienced medical malpractice attorneys have the resources to obtain the necessary evidence and will protect the legal rights of their clients, whether by settlement or litigation.