Cross-over motor vehicle accident kills 2, critically injures 1

Every car accident in Tennessee is different, and determining the cause is often complicated. In many cases, head-on collisions are caused by drivers who cross over into the lanes of oncoming traffic. Sadly, these crashes are often fatal, and this was the outcome of a recent head-on motor vehicle accident in Stewart County.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to an accident on Highway 79 on a recent Thursday evening. According to the accident report, a 23-year-old driver from another state was northbound at an excessive rate of speed when she veered across the center into the southbound traffic lanes. Reportedly, a 21-year-old man also occupied the car.

At the same time, a 73-year-old Tennessee woman was approaching in the southbound lane. The head-on crash that followed caused the instant death of the driver who crossed over, and critical injuries to her passenger. The elderly driver of the southbound vehicle was also severely injured, and she was rushed to a hospital. Sadly, succumbed to her injuries in the emergency room.

THP troopers reported that the system of the driver who apparently caused this fatal motor vehicle accident contained an unspecified quantity of drugs at the time of the collision. The family of the southbound driver and the injured passenger may pursue litigation against the estate of the other driver. Wrongful death and personal injuries claims may be filed in a Tennessee civil court, based upon evidence of negligence and financial losses. Successful litigation may result in monetary judgments to cover documented monetary losses.