Mother’s death after developing bed sores gives rise to law suit

Residents of nursing homes in Tennessee are often extremely vulnerable, and the majority of them have particular personal and medical care needs. If proper care is not provided, the consequences can be terrible. One of the more common signs of nursing home negligence is bed sores.

Many residents have lost mobility and require assistance to move. Remaining in the same position for hours on end can cause excessive pressure on certain parts of the body, and the failure to reposition patients who cannot do it themselves can cause bed sores. Sadly, in many cases, bed sores can be an indication that negligence may be prevalent at the facility. A nursing home in another state is facing a lawsuit in which a son alleges that negligent medical care caused his mother’s death when she was only 54 years old.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff’s mother entered the defendant’s nursing home as a resident in May 2013. It is claimed that she lost weight at an alarming rate and developed bed sores during her stay. Further claims say the rapid deterioration of her physical and mental condition was caused by negligent care that ultimately led to her death — just more than three months after being admitted to the facility.

Tennessee residents whose loved ones have died after suffering avoidable personal injuries, such a bed sores, while in the care of nursing homes may suspect that the deaths were the result of the lack of concern and unacceptable levels of patient care. However, to file a nursing home neglect claim, allegations must be proved. This is when the support and guidance of an experienced nursing home neglect attorney can be invaluable. Such a professional will be familiar with the acceptable standards of care, and he or she will also know how to obtain the evidence required for proving negligent care.