Surgical Errors: Jury Awards $7.5 Million After Colon Surgery

When patients in Tennessee are scheduled for surgeries, the risks associated with the procedures will likely be explained. Although the risks are accepted by most, surgeons are expected to uphold the high standard of care that is expected of medical professionals. Patients typically trust their surgeons to minimize the potential risks by proceeding with maximum care. When surgical errors occur, patients may have viable medical malpractice claims.

Such a lawsuit was filed by a couple in another state following a botched colon surgery. A jury awarded the couple in excess of $7.5 million in damages after finding a surgical clinic guilty of negligence that caused ongoing suffering and health problems. The lawsuit stated that the surgeon, who was chosen by the defendant, removed a section of the plaintiff’s colon in 2010. However, it was alleged that the procedure of rejoining the two parts of the colon was not properly done, and a leak was left that caused severe abdominal infections.

In the months following the procedure, the plaintiff apparently suffered infections, internal bleeding, kidney failure, and low blood pressure. She underwent two subsequent surgeries to determine the problem and claimed to have spent long periods in two different hospitals. The leak was only discovered in October of 2010 when a colonoscopy was done, and it was repaired during a fourth surgical procedure. Despite the repair, the plaintiff continues to suffer chronic abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Tennessee residents will recognize that not all surgical errors make viable medical malpractice claims. If negligence can be proved, the medical facility, surgeon or staff may be held liable. Each medical malpractice lawsuit is unique, and the procedural and legal viewpoints of such claims can be very complex. Retaining an experienced medical malpractice attorney may prove beneficial.