Consumer group calls for action to stop nursing home abuse

Some Tennessee residents have been disillusioned by the level of care their loved ones in elder care centers receive. It is increasingly common to see reports of families taking legal action against nursing homes. Complaints typically include allegations of nursing home abuse, medication errors, negligent care and more.

The Coalition for Quality Care — a consumer group focused on long-term care — is calling on federal and state lawmakers to legislate restrictions against repeat violators of care standards. The consumer group says many nursing homes have been identified as repeat violators over a three-year period. It says that federal data analysis shows 44 percent of facilities that are approved to take in new residents and receive government funding have repeatedly been guilty of substandard care.

The analysis was reportedly based on records of inspections carried out by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The president of the consumer group says effective intervention is needed to protect the many people who suffer ongoing neglect over their years of residency in some facilities. He hopes that the results of the analysis will hopefully encourage lawmakers to address persistent violations by nursing homes nationwide.

Tennessee families who suspect that their loved ones may be exposed to nursing home abuse or neglect of any kind may want to take action to prevent further suffering. The best first step to take may be to retain the services of a personal injury attorney experienced in protecting the rights of nursing home residents. After assessing the circumstances, a lawyer can suggest possible options to seek full accountability from the facility deemed responsible while also protecting the abused person.