Nursing home abuse: Former nursing director faces felony charges

Tennessee residents who have had to seek full-time care for elderly loved ones in nursing homes likely experience anxiety whenever they see media reports about nursing home abuse or neglect. Allegations of medication errors, sexual abuse, bedsores, malnutrition, overmedication, and even broken bones are not uncommon. A 40-year-old former director of nursing at a facility in another state recently pleaded guilty to concealing acts of negligence and nursing home abuse.

It is never easy to have to admit a loved one to a nursing home and even considering that his or her well-being is compromised can cause constant concern. This woman admitted to two felony counts of evidence tampering. The first involves the destruction of the statement of a witness in May 2013. The statement contained information about the sexual abuse of two nursing home residents.

The second felony count related to an incident in which a patient’s medication record was concealed from authorities. The concealed records contained evidence that medication prescribed by doctors were not administered. If convicted, the former nursing home director may face incarceration.

Tennessee residents who suspect that their loved ones might be exposed to nursing home abuse or neglect may want to be proactive and take steps before a serious injury is caused. An experienced nursing home neglect attorney can assess the situation and may have access to professionals who can investigate and verify the allegations. Based on this information, a lawyer can determine whether a viable personal injury claim exists and guide the family throughout any legal proceedings that may follow.