Unsafe motor vehicles: Wrongful death suit filed by widower

Automotive manufacturers must ensure that the vehicles they offer to consumers nationwide, including in Tennessee, are safe to operate. Their responsibility does not end with the engine but encompasses the body and interior to prevent personal injury suffered inĀ unsafe motor vehicles. A man in another state recently filed a lawsuit against an authorized dealer and manufacturer of automobiles following the 2001 death of his wife. The driver of another car that allegedly caused the accident in which his wife died is also named as a defendant.

In the capacity of administrator of his wife’s estate, the man asserts that a minivan was purchased from the defendant in 1997. According to court documents, his wife was driving the minivan on a day in April 2001 when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. The man claims that his wife’s seat back collapsed upon impact because the lean-back mechanism malfunctioned.

The plaintiff alleges that the lack of adequate bolts in the mechanism ultimately caused his wife’s death in the accident. The driver of the rear-ending vehicle allegedly failed to keep a proper lookout and reduce speed in order to avoid a collision. Both defendants are accused of negligence that led to wrongful death.

The plaintiff seeks monetary damages for the loss of his wife’s support, society and companionship for himself and their children. Furthermore, he seeks compensation to cover medical expenses and other related losses such as pain and suffering, and other injuries suffered by his wife prior to death. Tennessee residents who have lost loved ones in circumstances that involved unsafe motor vehicles or other manufacturer’s defects may be entitled to file product liability claims against the party or parties believed responsible. It may be beneficial to discuss the circumstances with an experienced product liability attorney in preparation for filing a legal claim in civil court.