Breaking news: Judge Awards Millions to Family of Asbestos Victim

A recent personal injury case that involved third-party neglect proves that company responsibility can extend from the injured worker to that person’s immediate family members. An Alabama judge awarded a deceased woman $3.5 million for all of the medical bills that had to do with her unfortunate disease and for her pain and suffering. The funds will go to her family members so that they can rebuild their lives after her unnecessary passing. The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant was on the other end of the suit. The Tennessee Valley Authority owns the plant.

The Case Specifics

The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plan employed a James Bobo from 1975 until he died in 1997. Mr. Bobo died of lung cancer. His wife received a diagnosis for malignant pleural mesothelioma in 2011. That form of cancer is rare, and asbestos exposure causes it. The plant that her husband worked at was directly involved in exposing its workers to asbestos. Mrs. Bobo laundered her husband’s clothing for more than 20 years, which put her indirect exposure to the asbestos.

Although she did not work for the company, Mrs. Bobo received a non-occupational injury from the asbestos-filled dust that was in her husband’s work attire. A judge agreed to the plant’s responsibility and ruled that the plant would have to pay the surviving family members $3.5 million for extreme neglect. The funds cover Mrs. Bobo’s chemotherapy, medical appointments, pain, and suffering. Judges usually only award pain and suffering funds to people who are victims of extreme neglect. The defendants, in this case, were extremely neglectful because they disregarded OSHA’s standards for protecting their employees and keeping the workplace safe.

Current Neglect Cases

Neglect can come in many forms. It can be direct or indirect, and it can have culprits that not everyone suspects as such. Anyone who suspects that he or she has an occupational or non-occupational illness like the people in this story should contact a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney can review the case and let the victim know if his or her situation can receive justice in court. Victim or victim’s family should call an attorney even if they do not believe that they stand a chance. Some law offices provide free consultations, which do not result in any risk for the injured party. The consultation puts the incident into perspective and lets the injured party know where he or she stands in terms of relief.

What to Do if You Fall Victim

A Tennessee victim should consult with a personal injury specialist immediately to find out the current caps and any potential that his or her case may have. A consultation can be set rather quickly by calling a law office or completing a short form. The victim should bring any supporting documentation that he or she has such as doctor’s bills, X-rays, statements, copies of medical bills, witness testimonials and the like.