Show Me the Money becomes a Number 1 Amazon Bestseller in Legal Self-Help!


The just-released book, Show Me The Money: 5 Things You Need to Know After Any Car Accident, by Michael Montesi, has surged to become the Number 1 Amazon Bestseller in Legal Self-Help and Personal Injury Law!

In this practical guide for car accident victims, attorney Michael Montesi, who has spent over 30 years practicing personal injury law, shares his expertise on how victims can get the relief they deserve.

Show Me The Money: 5 Things You Need to Know After Any Car Accident tells you:

  • The information you should gather on the scene
  • A step-by-step guide on how to handle your claim
  • Templated documents that can help you gather the most evidence you can
  • What to say and not say to the insurance company
  • The exact moment you need to call a lawyer
  • The best way to take photos of the accident
  • What NOT to do after an accident
  • Plus, many more tips to make sure you get the best chance of compensation

The aftermath of a car accident is difficult. The actions you take will have a direct impact on your compensation. Whether you are reading Show Me The Money: 5 Things You Need to Know After Any Car Accident because you’ve been in an accident or in case you do get into an accident, you will walk away better prepared and better equipped to help yourself and reduce some of your stress and anxiety.

The hardcover edition of Show Me The Money can be purchased here.

The Kindle edition of Show Me the Money can be purchased here.