Truck accident injures road construction worker on I-440

Road construction workers on Tennessee highways will always be at risk of suffering injuries. Not only are there numerous safety hazards related to their jobs, but negligent drivers can cause severe injuries or worse to these workers. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating a truck accident that caused injuries to two workers over a recent weekend.

The construction manager of the project says the Tennessee Department of Transportation hired the company for a project that involves repairs to multiple bridges on Interstate 440. He says four workers were on a scaffold when a semi-truck smashed into the structure. The impact knocked the workers off the platform, causing injuries to two of them.

One worker’s injuries were not serious, and he was reportedly released from the hospital after treatment, but the other man was not as lucky. His employers reported that the man was fighting for his life. THP said the “move-over” law might play a role in this accident investigation, though it remains unclear whether criminal charges will be filed.

Injured workers are typically entitled to file benefits claims with the Tennessee workers’ compensation program to obtain compensation for medical expenses and lost income. In this truck accident, the injuries appear to have been caused by a third party who was not connected to the construction company. A personal injury lawsuit in civil court may also be appropriate. The trucker, the trucker’s employer and/or the owner of the semi may be named as defendants in a third-party liability claim. Once negligence is established in this type of personal injury claim, the court may consider entering a monetary judgment for documented financial and emotional losses.