Driving apps for better car safety

As technology has advanced, putting a small computer in each of our hands, distracted driving has gotten out of control, with some government agencies banning cellphone use while driving, and many others considering such bans to improve safety. Accidents and deaths can and do occur because of distracted driving, and our smartphones can be a real problem. However, those same smartphones can help lower risks and promote driving safety through the use of driving apps.

Driving applications that improve safety, reduce accidents and prevent injuries and deaths are readily available, and certainly worth using. Many of these apps attempt to reduce or eliminate distracted driving, as we know that drivers who are using smartphones and other mobile devices are four times as likely to be involved in a car accident. Other apps make smartphone use hands free, though you should be aware that even this is illegal in some areas. Still, others offer augmented driving assistance, to let you know when you are too close to another car, or it is too close to you. Another perk to these automobile apps, some insurance companies are catching on and offering applications that monitor a driver’s habits, like Progressive’s Snapshot, which offers a discount for safer driving.

There are literally hundreds of driving applications available; let’s take a look at a few other types and see what they can do to help drivers.

Sprint Drive First

The Drive First app from Sprint automatically detects when you are behind the wheel of a car and exceeding 10 miles per hour. It will respond to texts and calls by letting friends and family know that you are driving and unable to answer them immediately. Sprint provides this app free to improve car safety for its customers, and you are still able to override the app in an emergency. Sprint Drive First is only available to Sprint customers, but you can download it for either an Android or iOS phone.

iBolt Dock’n Drive

The iBOLT Dock’n Drive is an app which encourages car safety by turning the driver’s phone into a driving assistant. It pairs the car’s docking station with their smartphone and adds large buttons for easy access, like hands-free speakerphone use. Dock’n Drive is available free for iOS and Android phones and allows the driver to set large shortcuts to favorite driving apps that are used while driving, like GPS directions and one-button calling to your favorite numbers.

iOnRoad Driving App

The iOnRoad driving app offers augmented driving assistance. If you have a backup camera in your vehicle, you have some idea of how this app will work. The app increases car safety by tracking cars that are too close to you and alerting you. Collision warnings and monitoring the distance between you and the car in front of you, and even a video recording feature are included with iOnRoad. For those who drive a lot, like truck drivers, this free app is well worth downloading and using for added safety; be aware that you will need a windshield mount for your smartphone and this app to work together. Available for Android and iOS, there is an iOnRoad app lite version that is totally free for download. This app has garnered lots of kudos and lots of buzz from transportation companies, for obvious reasons of increased safety and decreased accidents, injuries, and penalties as well.

There are many other applications available, so try some of them out to see what works for your particular driving habits. The latest driving assistance applications offer drivers safer travel, less stress, and possibly lower insurance rates!