Product Liability: Study Launched After Defective Tire Blowout

Many vehicle owners in Tennessee may not be aware that there might be recalled tires on their vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board admits that it and the tire manufacturers may be to blame for the system of handling tire recalls that is far from perfect. Until an effective manner is found to manage and monitor recalled tires, product liability claims will continue to be filed in the civil courts.

The NTSB launched an investigation last year following a horrific accident that claimed the lives of two and injured eight. The two individuals who died in this crash were reported to be church leaders who were accompanying a teenage religious group on trip. It was determined that the accident occurred when a blowout caused the driver of the bus to lose control. Further investigation revealed that the tire that blew had been one of about 800,000 tires that were recalled in 2012. Unfortunately, no one was aware of it.

According to the chairman of the NTSB, approximately 33,000 accidents related to tires with defects are recorded every year. He added that a significant percentage of these accidents involved recalled tires. An owner of a tire store said he makes sure every tire sold at his store is registered to the purchaser to allow the passing on of information about recalls. However, he says, it is then up to consumers to react to the recalls.

Tennessee residents who have suffered injuries or even lost loved ones in accidents that were caused by blowouts may suspect the tires of being defective. Manufacturers and retailers of defective tires may be held accountable, but proving negligence may be tricky. An experienced product liability attorney may provide the support and guidance needed to navigate such a claim in a civil court to pursue recovery of documented financial and other losses.