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10 Personal injury mistakes most people make in a personal injury case

Feeling Confused after an Accident? 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been involved in an accident, handling your personal injury case can be frustrating especially if you are facing victimization from the other party. One of the personal injury mistakes that people often make is in the mediation process. This step should be given the same level of diligence, preparation, and assertiveness that is given during a trial. The outcome of the mediation will greatly depend on the performance of your attorney. What you should keep in mind is that many insurance firms make money by giving out low amounts of money.

Ten Personal Injury Mistakes You Should Avoid

Failing to take immediate action during the accident scene
In case you have been involved in an auto accident, the law dictates that you should not move your vehicle until the authorities arrive. However, you are allowed to share personal contacts with the other party and call an ambulance if there are immediate symptoms of severe injuries. During the accident scene, remember that you should never admit to being at fault or accuse anyone. Cooperate with the police and don’t accept an offer from the other party before you contact the police or during the accident scene. If possible, take notes of the accident, take the names and addresses of witnesses and those involved in the accident, their phone numbers and license plates. You can also take photos of your damaged car, but if you are injured, ask any other person to do it for you.

Forgetting to document everything that happened after you left the scene of the accident
For you to be compensated, you have to have to prove all the facts by documenting everything. The need to document all the facts begins at the scene of the accident. However, most people often forget their suffering and pain after some time. Therefore, ensure that you write anything and everything that you can recall. In your report, include all your injuries and information about the accident.

Staying for a long time without seeing a doctor
It doesn’t matter whether you have been injured in a slip and fall, auto accident or any other accident, it is necessary to get checked by a professional physician after an accident even if you don’t feel any pain. After an accident, the body can get shocked and fail to react immediately. This means that it can take some time before the injuries present themselves. Visiting a qualified doctor immediately after an accident can help you heal quickly and to also establish the extent of the injuries. The doctor will also put it in his or her report which will make it easier when making a claim.

Proceeding to the mediation process without the required parties
Some parties should be represented during the mediation process even if they aren’t named in the lawsuit. For instance, in case there is a dispute with an insurance firm, it makes sense for the liability insurer to be present during the mediation of the casualty case. The chances of getting fair compensation increases in case the potential guarantors participate in the mediation process.

Initiating the mediation process too soon or too late
There are no similar personal injury cases, and this makes it difficult to state rules on when to start the mediation process. However, some level of investigation and preparation is necessary to enable the counsel to evaluate the case. In some cases, mediation during the eve of the trial is important.

Setting insufficient time for mediation
For the mediation process to work, clients should be given enough time to vent or to change their opinions. It will appear as if there is little or no progress after some hours, but in many cases, the results leave both parties satisfied.

Failing to prepare for the case adequately
Don’t underestimate the importance of giving the mediation process the same amount of attention and time given to a trial case. It is not always appropriate to look under each and every rock, but it is important for your attorney to know the rocks outside there.

Revealing the bottom line to the mediator

It is important to keep the bottom line to yourself. This is because the settlement process should be flexible and based on new information and insight that is brought forward during the mediation process.

Believing that the insurance firm is on your side
Most insurance agents will show sympathy after your accident. However, the truth of the matter is that you cannot rely on them to help you safeguard your interests and rights when you are pursuing personal injury claims. Relying on and trusting an insurance agent too much can lead you to disclose information unintentionally and admit to some extent for the accident. In some cases, you can also accept undercut settlements. Ultimately, any of these personal injury mistakes with an insurance agent can lead to you failing to get your fair compensation.

Failing to consult a professional personal injury attorney
Of all the personal injury mistakes that you can make, this is the worst. A professional personal injury attorney will assist you by protecting your rights and representing you all the way. There is no doubt that an experienced personal injury attorney Seattle is the key to putting you back on the road to recovering financially by helping you get the best possible outcome.