Defective Touchless Faucets May Lead to Product Liability Claims

Tennessee residents who have purchased touchless kitchen faucets from Home Depot stores may be interested in a recall announcement involving about 4,500 faucets of two different brands. It has been determined that a short circuit can occur in the battery box that powers the faucet’s sensor. The defective products have reportedly been linked to six incidents of malfunction that were reported to the importers, and in cases in which injuries occurred,¬†product liability¬†claims may follow.

The affected brands are Schön and Glacier Bay, and both contain sensors that detect movement when a person’s hand is waved in front of it. This controls the flow and stops of the water. The sensor is powered by four batteries that are contained in a connected battery box. The six incidents that were reported included overheating of the battery box, causing it to melt and produce smoke. One of the reports involved a fire in the battery box, and another consumer claimed to have suffered burns to his thumb.

The faucets were imported into the United States by Lota USA from the manufacturers in China. Consumers are urged to deactivate the sensors by unplugging and removing the batteries from the holder. The firm will replace the battery boxes of affected faucets.

Manufacturers and their agents are bound by strict safety regulations, and violations may lead to claims against manufacturers and their chains of supply. Tennessee residents who have suffered personal injuries that were caused by defective or malfunctioning consumer products may pursue compensation for medical costs and other documented expenses. Product liability claims can be filed in a civil court, and a monetary judgment may follow a successful presentation that is substantiated by evidence of negligence.