4 unbelievable stories of personal injury attorney success

Throughout history, there have been unbelievable personal injury stories. The victims in these cases were awarded large settlement amounts. In this post, you will learn about four specific cases that are landmark personal injury trials.

1. Family Awarded $150 Billion

An eight-year-old boy, Robbie Middleton, was tragically attacked in June of 1998. Robbie was walking home when he was attacked, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. This boy stated that an older man, Don Collins, was the person who attacked him. In an article on NBC News, it was reported that asking for the $150 billion amount was done “to make a statement” in this case.

This Texas jury certainly made a statement when the verdict was released. The Middleton family was awarded the full amount of $150 billion. The unheard of settlement amount made Robbie Middleton’s case one of the most unbelievable personal injury stories of all time. Collins was not at the Middleton trail, due to facing unrelated charges against another child.

2. 17 Year Old Receives ₤23 Million

In 2009, Agnes Collier became paralyzed after the car she was in smashed into a large vehicle. The driver that cut her off her the vehicle she was riding in was Anthony Norton, a former executive of BMW. Tragically, the resulting traffic incident would leave Agnes paralyzed in all four of her limbs. Agnes’s mother, Karen Hood, was killed in the accident.

A jury would go on to award Agnes one of the highest payouts in history. Agnes received an initial settlement amount of ₤7.25 million. However, the jury wasn’t content to only award her those damages. Agnes would also receive yearly payment to help with her medical needs. Additional yearly payments of ₤270,000 were awarded to cover medical costs for the rest of Agnes’s life.

3. Woman Receives $4.9 Billion

Patricia Anderson was driving her four children home on December 24th, 1989 when tragedy struck. A drunk driver rear-ended the Anderson family’s 1989 Chevrolet Malibu. Almost instantly, the newly-struck Malibu burst into flames. Patricia was somehow able to exit the car safely, making this one of the most unbelievable personal injury stories ever.

All four children were also able to escape the Malibu but not without suffering serious injuries. Tragically, one daughter had injuries so bad that she would require 70 surgeries. What had caused the car to burst into flames was a faulty fuel system. A jury would go on to award Patricia Anderson a $4.9 billion settlement. The New York Times reported that “the jurors wanted to send a message” to the motor company regarding this tragedy.

4. Man Receives $58 Million

Joseph Griggs was in the middle of a normal workday when his life would change forever. A construction vehicle that Griggs was in on this day would suddenly burst into flames. Griggs exited his vehicle as quickly as possible but was still badly burned. It was later found out that Griggs had suffered third-degree burns on a large portion of his body.

The defense team would try to put the blame on Griggs when the trial date arrived. Griggs’s legal team was able to show the jury that faulty equipment was to blame. The resulting faulty equipment caused flammable liquids to meet heated machinery, causing the fire. A jury would award Griggs with $57 million in damages.

These unbelievable personal injury stories show that justice can be served. If you are undergoing your own personal injury case, seek a team of professionals to help you.