What to cut your car insurance costs? Stop texting and driving

cut insurance costs

Nearly 21% of all teen deaths from car accidents are associated with texting and driving. It’s illegal, it’s dangerous, and it can cost you far more than just a few extra dollars on your car insurance policy every month. Texting and driving is deadly, and people must stop doing it. If you want to lower your car insurance bill and give yourself a better chance of living a long and healthy life, you’ll put down your phone and pay attention to the road. No message is so important it can’t wait until you’re stopped to respond. At least then you have a chance to respond.

Texting Makes You 23% More Likely to Crash

That’s a serious statistic, and it’s not one to mess around with. All you have to do is send or read one text message behind the wheel of your car and your chance of being involved in an accident is increased by nearly a quarter. It’s dangerous, and it kills so many people. Is any text important enough to increase your risk of an accident to ¼?

Staggering Facts About Texting and Driving

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t know that make you more likely to put the phone down and pay attention to the road.

– 5 seconds of texting at 55 miles per hour is the equivalent of one football field without a glance at the road
– Teenagers are four times more likely to text and drive than adults
– More than 10 teens die every single day because they’re texting on the road
– 1.6 million accidents occur annually because drivers are texting
– Texting is more dangerous than drunk driving

That’s the kind of statistic that makes people stop and pay attention. You know getting behind the wheel of a car drunk is one of the most dangerous things you can do, yet getting behind the wheel of a car entirely sober and texting makes you six times as likely to become involved in an accident. If that doesn’t make you stop texting and driving, what will?

How Texting Causes Accidents

It’s really simple. When people are using their phone rather than driving, they’re spending seconds at a time not looking at the road. When you don’t look at the road for even one or two seconds at a time, anything can happen. Someone can pull out in front of you. Someone could slam on their brakes. Someone could stop on the road to turn.

Your reaction time is slowed significantly when you’re distracted by the use of your phone, which is the most dangerous aspect of texting and driving. People aren’t paying attention to the road, so you aren’t prepared for what is happening. You’re more likely to overcorrect a vehicle when you realize your reaction is late, and you put everyone else in danger.

Why Texting Increases Insurance

Texting and driving is illegal in almost every state. If you live in one of the 46 states in which it’s illegal, you can get a ticket for texting and driving if you’re caught. If this happens and your insurance company finds out about it, expect to see a significant rise in your premiums. Insurance companies don’t play games when it comes to dangerous and illegal activities on the road. The best way to avoid expensive premiums is to avoid using your phone on the road.

Too many people die every year from texting and driving, and most people aren’t texting anything remotely important. To save your life and your finances, pull over to send a text or just wait until you get home. Put your phone where you can’t reach it to be safe. If you must turn off your notifications, do that to keep you safe. You can do it, but you need to prioritize your life over your social responses first.