Get 350% More Money with an Attorney

Get 350% more money with an attorney.

After a busy week at work, Jenna was on her way home to start her weekend. She was less than 5 minutes away from her house when she heard a loud crash and felt her car being jolted forward – she had just been rear-ended.

Jenna went to the hospital to get checked out and was diagnosed with a concussion and a broken wrist. She knew she could make a claim against the other driver’s insurance to help pay for her medical treatment and lost wages (her doctor put her on bed rest for two weeks).

Jenna thought she would be able to deal with the insurance by herself, but she wasn’t 100% sure. After a few days of back and forth calls, endless paperwork and stressful nights, Jenna thought about hiring an attorney.

If you’re like Jenna and don’t know whether or not to hire an attorney for your auto accident case, we have some breaking industry news: a recent study found that car accident victims can get 350% more money with an attorney.

If You’ve Been Injured in an Auto Accident, You Deserve More: Get 350% More Money with an Attorney

If you or a family member were involved in an accident and suffered an injury, you may be questioning the need to hire an attorney when a “friendly” adjuster from the insurance company calls you to express a desire to resolve your case for a ‘fair value’.

If you’ve never been in an accident before and just want to ‘see how things play out’ you will be leaving money on the table. Money that you deserve.

In some instances, accidents involving personal injury, the victim will receive some type of financial compensation through an insurance claim or even directly from the responsible party but there is mounting evidence that the amount they would receive would be much higher if they had retained an attorney.

A large study and a separate report conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) points to payouts being higher when the injured party is represented by an attorney. Another study presented by the All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC) shows the same conclusion. When it comes to personal injury claims, having an attorney on your side can make a large monetary difference.

The Study: Paying for Auto Injuries: Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims

The IRC study surveyed 6,000 people injured in auto accidents to determine the types of injuries, treatment, economic losses and reimbursement they received.

The results were eye-opening to many. Injured victims who had an attorney received financial settlements at an average of 40% higher than those who went it alone. This is a huge gap that shows the value of having an attorney to fight for the victim in any personal injury accident.

The Report: Auto Injuries: Claiming Behavior and Its Impact on Insurance Costs

In a separate report issued by the IRC, the agency looked at the relationship between insurance payouts for auto accident injuries and how it was tied to attorney representation. The report was even more staggering.

The IRC estimated that 85% of all money paid out for bodily injury claims by insurance companies are paid to victims with an attorney representing them. In addition, when they looked at the total amount paid out on all auto injuries claims, those with attorneys were paid 3 ½ times more than those who did not hire an attorney. For example, that’s a difference of $10,000 versus $35,000.

The report shows that insurance companies will take advantage of a situation when victims don’t have anyone that is fighting for their legal rights.

Are you ready to have an experience, results-based personal injury law firm working for you? Get 350% more money with an attorney.

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