Stuck in a Storm? Here’s What to Do.

The only thing worse than hearing of a severe storm coming your way is being caught in the middle of the action. Such is particularly the case when the inclement weather in question is a hurricane, blizzard, flash flood, or lighting series. Here are a few storm tips to help keep you safe this winter.

When Lightning Strikes

You do not want to go outside during a lightning storm. Instead, remain inside and wait until you no longer hear the sounds of thunder. Pay attention to the direction from which loud sounds come if you are caught outside on a camping trip with friends. Such noise is evidence of impending lightning, which can prove detrimental if bolts strike trees and tents. Make every effort to find shelter with plumbing instead of entering the first makeshift shed that you find. Temporary structures do not provide sufficient protection during lightning storms. It is important to stay away from cords and metal objects once inside as lightning sometimes has a way of transcending walls to hit its target.

Surviving a lightning storm in your car is possible so long as you do not lean against the structure of your vehicle. A bolt that makes contact with the metal surface of an automobile will travel downwards to the ground unless interrupted by a person or thing.

In a Blizzard

A blizzard is an extreme snowstorm that involves heavy gusts of wind. Staying in your car is at the top of the list of storm tips. Do not exit your vehicle unless emergency assistance is within 100 yards of your grasp. Pop the hood and place a neon-colored cloth on the antenna of your car. Such action tells emergency services that you are in distress and need help. Consider turning on the car’s engine every ten minutes to ward off frostbite and hypothermia. Activate the heater when the car is on. Using maps and car mats is a key way to keep heat inside of the vehicle and stormy weather out. Minor exercises, such as sporadic claps and occasional leg rotations, help as such movements ensure the continuation of blood circulation.

In the Instance of a Hurricane

One of the best storm tips that one can give for someone caught in a hurricane surrounds the idea of getting to high ground. Leave swampy areas the moment that you hear of a storm coming your way. Go to the attic of your house if you are unable to escape the area in time. You should do everything possible to stay indoors during a hurricane as water has the power to move heavy objects at a brisk pace. Do not seek comfort in the supposed safety of a manufactured home during a hurricane. Such structures are not stable and more likely to be taken away by wind gusts.

Of course, the best suggestion among all storm tips is to evacuate the moment that you are instructed to do so by a city official. Going to a designated shelter is your best option if you are unable to leave town.

The Flash Flood

Although not as powerful as a hurricane and not nearly as debilitating as a blizzard, flash floods present an imminent danger to those caught in the middle of chaos. Finding yourself in one of these storms is not difficult as heavy rains can lead to serious flooding within a matter of minutes. The following storm tips may keep you safe during a flash flood:

  • Roll down the windows as soon as the water begins to rise to dangerous levels. Such action supplies a way out if flooding intensifies.
  • Get out of the vehicle and head towards the roof of the vehicle. Take note of the fact that an auto may roll over when confronted by six feet or water.
  • Stay low and hang on to the ends of the vehicle.
  • Calmly wait for help to arrive.

Use these storm tips to survive the next weather crisis that hits your town.