2016 Road Report

A car accident is a common occurrence witnessed in US public highways. The accidents account for the majority of accident-related deaths and personal injury cases. Based on the increased number of traffic accidents, getting into a car would be one of the most dangerous things that one can do. Indeed, road accidents are ranked top ten causes of human death. This article gives insight on 2016 road reports, highlighting the number of accidents that were reported in the year.

The risk of dying in a road accident in the United States is higher when compared to most developed countries. The Association for Safe International Road travel argues that about 37,000 people die in a road accident each year. Similarly, another 2 million citizens stand a risk of getting injuries from a road accident.

Reports from the US’s National Safety Council recorded that the number of road accidents in 2016 was the highest since 2007, nearly 10 years ago. In 2016, the National Safety Council recorded an estimate of 40,000 road accidents. A 6% increase when compared to 2015 road accidents.

Besides the deaths, the number of people injured on the US roads is estimated to be 4.6 million people. Based on these accident reports, the NSC disclosed that the total cost of motor vehicle deaths in 2016 was $432 billion, a 12 % rise when compared to 2015.

A similar road accident report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that by the first half of 2016, 17,775 people had succumbed due to road accidents. This was a 10.4% increase from 2015’s road accidents.

Common Causes of Road Accidents in the United States

Based on statistics from the US Department of Transportation, the leading causes of traffic accidents include;

1. Distraction

Distractions like the use of mobile phones while driving, tuning your car’s radio, chatting with passengers while driving and other distractions are some of the leading causes of accidents. They lose a driver’s focus leading to an accident.

2. Overspeeding

Over speeding is another cause of road accidents that account for most deaths and fatalities. Based on road safety experts, people who drive more than the specified speed limit have a reduced reaction time compared to those who stick to the stipulated speed limit.

3. Drunk Driving

As we all know, alcohol users have a reduced ability to coordinate and give sound judgment. Same applies to drunk drivers. Those who drive under alcohol influence have a tendency to drive at higher speeds, reckless overtaking and reduced reaction time. These factors contribute to a higher risk of getting involved in a road accident.

4. Underage driving

Another leading cause of traffic accident in the United States is teen driving. According to statistics, teen drivers are more likely to cause an accident when compared to their older counterparts. This is because teen drivers are mostly inexperienced and are more careless.

5. Inclement weather

Bad weather, especially heavy rainfall is another leading cause of road accidents in the United States. Bad weather causes reduced visibility hence a high risk of causing an accident. Snow is another kind of bad weather that can also increase the risk of road accidents.

Implications of the Increased 2016 Road Accidents

Besides causing death and personal injury, traffic accidents cause significant cause to people. They cause property damage, loss of wages, and reduction in economic productivity, financial loss related to medical bills. In the face of a road accident, you need to hire a car accident lawyer to help you fight for fair and rightful compensation. A car attorney will help you receive compensation in personal injury issues related to drunk driver accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and accidents caused by automobile accidents among other reckless behaviors.