What to Do if You’ve Been in a Bus Accident

Being involved in a vehicle accident can be devastating. If you are in a bus accident, you can suffer from very serious injuries because you could be standing at the time of impact. Even if you are seated, there are no seat belts. Additionally, there are a lot more victims in a bus accident, which can have an effect on the severity of the incident. What should you do if you are involved in a bus accident?

Avoid Speaking to the Bus Driver or Any Other Drivers

Following a crash, there will obviously be a great deal of confusion and fear all around. If you are physically able to respond, you may be tempted to talk to people around the scene of the accident. However, you should avoid speaking with the bus driver and any other drivers who might have been involved in the accident. This is because anything you say can later be used against you by insurance companies representing those drivers if you choose to file a claim for your injuries and damages. Even simply being polite can work against you, so don’t talk with the drivers at all.

Document the Scene of the Accident

Take note of everything around you and take pictures with your phone if you can. Concentrate on the condition of the bus, the road outside and other victims who are also injured. If you can, get a photo of the bus’ license plate and those of other drivers involved in the accident. That way, you will have evidence of the scene and the severity of the situation as well as information on the drivers through the license plates.

Get Bus Driver’s Information

In addition to the license plates, you can also get a picture of the bus driver’s employee number if you are able to. Otherwise, ask the driver for that information and for his or her name, contact information, registration information, and insurance documentation. Ask if you can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of these things. If not, write everything down or jot it down in the Notes app of your phone.

Contact the Police

If you are able to, call the police and explain the situation. If you are on a school bus, you should contact the school and notify an official of the accident. Wait for the police to arrive on the scene and give your account of what happened when an officer takes a report.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you believe you physically fine, it’s important to seek medical attention following any vehicle accident. You might think you’re perfectly fine, but some injuries can lie dormant and then manifest 24 hours after an accident or even later. Head injuries, in particular, can be devastating, so it’s a must to see a doctor. You will also have concrete proof of your injuries for a lawsuit.

Hire an Attorney

If you do want to file a claim for your injuries and other damages, hire an attorney who is skilled in the area of bus accidents. Your lawyer can represent you and contact the insurance company so that you don’t have to deal with it. He or she has the knowledge and experience to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, so you will have the best chance with a lawyer on your side.

These are all important things you should remember to do if you are involved in a bus accident. If you are in the Memphis area, you can hire an attorney from the law offices of Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu, and Montesi. Remember to stay calm and document everything so that you have all the proof you need to be successful in your injury claim.