Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident? 5 Things You Should Consider

You’ve recently been in a car accident and are now wondering to yourself, “Should I get an attorney after a car accident?” Regardless of whether you endured serious physical harm, felt psychologically traumatized, or are having to fork out a lot of money for car repairs, a rental, or a brand new car, you might need to lawyer up. If you are unsure of whether you should contact an attorney, consider the five following factors.

1. Fault is An Indisputable Issue

When there is an auto accident, there is often someone whose negligence puts them at fault. However, there are different types of fault, and laws regarding this can depend on where you live. For example, in Tennessee, a person who is less than 50% at fault and who is injured is able to receive compensation. However, in Michigan, if you’re more than 51% at fault, you can’t file a claim or lawsuit against the other driver.

2. You Have Endured Serious Bodily/Emotional Harm

Even in cases where bodily harm was minimal but hospitalization was required, attorneys like those at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu, & Montesi have succeeded in helping injured clients get awarded damages. You can file for damages and probably should consider doing so if you have racked up considerable medical and/or automobile repair or dental bills. Some cases can be settled without going to court, but due to insurance complications, having an experienced attorney working your case is the best way to get the amount you deserve.

3. The Police Report Is Inaccurate

Police reports aren’t always accurate, and you might even be labeled as the at-fault driver. Some police reports might even neglect to note that the other driver was texting or in some way distracted. If the police report is inaccurate or is somehow disputable, you already have your answer to the question “Should I get an attorney after a car accident?” In this case, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney.

4. You’re Unsure of Your Rights

Although we all tend to worry about being in vehicle accidents, we aren’t always aware of our rights. The legalities can be complex and difficult to understand. Also, since they vary between different states and situations, you might need an experienced attorney to help explain your rights to you. You should probably have an attorney on your case prior to signing claims statements from the insurance company. An attorney can better explain the legal jargon you will find in those types of documents.

5. Policy Terms Are Befuddling

Auto insurance policy terms are, to say the least, quite confusing. Many people who have auto insurance are not aware of how much their insurance provider will cover if they get into an accident. Also, exclusions and other policies are often found in the fine print when you sign up for auto insurance. Even the most intelligent person can have difficulty reading and comprehending insurance policy terms, which is why it is helpful to have a well-versed attorney there to explain the jargon.

Now you should have your answer to the question “Should I get an attorney after a car accident?” While minor accidents tend to be pretty cut-and-dry, accidents that result in serious injuries and vehicular damage are often nothing short of frustrating and confusing. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can better understand your rights, how to file claims, and what to expect from the insurance provider. Remember, you have the right to file a claim in the aftermath of a traumatic automobile accident.