How to Prevent a Winter Slip and Fall

how to prevent a winter slip and fall

The likelihood of slipping and falling is usually high during winter. The slips not only occur to human beings, but they also happen in vehicles, and this can cause serious accidents. This post will give you some insights on how to prevent a winter slip and fall.

Walk Carefully

When you are walking on ice, you need to do it carefully. Walk slowly and focus on the surface where you are walking on. Do not keep your legs at a closer range. Instead, spread them. Doing so lowers the center of gravity of your body, helping you to stay balanced in the process. Wear slip-resistant shoes or boots to increase your grip on the ground. This is one of the effective ways on how to prevent a winter slip and fall

Spread Your Arms When Walking

Many of us love to walk with our arms in the pocket. This is a habit that can cause you to fall and injure yourself severely during winter. Spread your arms when walking and always stay focused. Spreading your arm will enable you to catch yourself and restore balance whenever you slip. If you have to put your hands in the pocket, then carry a backpack to increase the grip of your shoes on the ground.

Avoid Slippery Surfaces

Avoid slippery surfaces if you can. These could be either a surface covered with ice or a place with slippery tiles. Take alternative routes if possible. You will be saving yourself from having to file a personal injury claim or pay thousands of dollars in medical bills. Also, avoid obvious slippery items like snow banks and wet leaves.

Be Vigilant

When it comes to how to prevent a winter slip and fall, then you need to be cautious every time you are accessing a place during winter. Check entrance halls and stairs to see if there are snowballs or wet surfaces. Learn about any changes made to the walking surfaces and check for any warning signposts. This is important because many slips and falls occur when you are unaware you are entering a slippery area.

Check Your Shoes

You might have successfully walked outside on the ice without falling. However, this does not mean you are safe if you enter the house, especially if you have not removed caked ice and snow trapped on the soles of your shoe. Caked snow and ice can cause you to slip and fall on the floor. So check and remove them before you enter the house.

Use Safety Materials

There are some places that have safety materials. Things like handrails can really help you prevent yourself from slipping and falling. Make sure you hold any rails when walking on a slippery surface if there is any. You can also ask a safety professional to give you some insights on the best safety materials to use during winter. These are some of the most useful and practical insights on how to prevent a winter slip and fall. But in case you fall, it is advisable you fall forward or roll with the fall. This can prevent serious injuries. If you are injured, particularly at the workplace, seek medical attention as soon as possible and contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. Doing so will increase your chances of getting compensated for your injuries.