Free Legal Advice Memphis TN

free legal advice Memphis TN

If you or a loved one has an injury or disability claim in the tri-state area of Tennessee, Arkansas, or Mississippi, there is help available in the form of no-cost consultations with our experienced injury and disability attorneys. Insurance companies have skilled lawyers and adjusters whose goal is to settle claims for the lowest possible price, which means taking dollars away from deserving claimants. Consulting a qualified injury lawyer helps individuals understand their rights when dealing with the confusing claims process. Below are several instances where taking advantage of a free consultation is a smart move for citizens of the Mid-South.

You Aren’t Sure If You Have A Case

Sometimes the only way to learn whether or not you have a case is to ask a qualified professional. The attorneys and staff at our office are dedicated to keeping abreast of legal developments that can make or break cases. Certain products and prescription medications are subject to class action litigation of which the general public may be unaware, but we make it our mission to know when dangerous products are discovered.

The Insurance Company Has Offered a Settlement

It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to offer settlements. In rare instances, the offered settlement is fair and reasonable. More often the proposed settlement can be improved upon with attorney representation, but either way, a free consultation with our office will allow you to make an informed decision regarding any proposed settlement offered by an insurance adjuster or company lawyer.

Your Disability Claim Has Been Denied

Most disability claims are initially denied. Our dedicated attorneys are familiar with the standards and methods used by the Social Security Administration in determining disability eligibility. An unfortunate number of people give up after an initial denial of benefits but a consultation with our office will allow you to know whether you should proceed with an appeal. Our record of success in handling disability claims is outstanding and we should be able to give you an informed opinion about your case at the time of a free consultation.

You’ve Been Told You Don’t Need A Lawyer

If an insurance adjuster or lawyer advises you not to hire an attorney, you should probably get a free consultation immediately. Insurance companies know that people having a lawyer get substantially higher settlements than people going it alone and often encourage people to forsake their right to counsel.

You Are Paralyzed With Indecision

Paralysis by analysis is a very real thing. When individuals are suddenly involved in the legal system, they often do not know what, if any action to take, and simply take no action. Every individual with a potential claim owes it to himself or herself to get a full understanding of their rights. Our free consultations come with no obligation and are offered as a service to the community. The peace of mind comes with a thorough understanding of your rights and a plan of action is priceless.

You Think You Cannot Afford Representation

Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis if we determine you have viable negligence or disability claim. This means you pay no fee up front and when we collect on your behalf, a percentage of the settlement is then paid as our fee. But there is absolutely no fee for a consultation to determine whether you have a case and in which we provide our recommended course of action. We don’t think the inability to pay should keep anyone from getting sound legal advice and will always provide free consultations to our community in the tri-state area.