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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

Pedestrian deaths are rising in the US and are said to continue to grow for years to come. Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles are left defenseless, and the accidents accompanied are much more dangerous for the pedestrian, when compared to the driver of the vehicle. Because of this, they are much more likely to suffer a catastrophic injury, and in some cases, death from accidents they are involved in. Recent reports show that pedestrian fatalities are on the rise, and it’s important for those traveling on foot and behind the wheel to be aware so that they can take the necessary steps to help prevent these disasters.

GHSA Report Shows Shocking News

In 2018 the number of pedestrians killed by automobile-related accidents reached a grim new milestone since 1990. According to a recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an estimated 6,227 individuals were killed while traveling on foot. They suspect the continually growing number of SUVs and smartphone usage on the road may be to blame.

What Pedestrians Can Do to Stay Safe

Pedestrians may not always be able to control their own fate, but there are certain steps to take to stay safe, especially at intersections:

  • Remove headphones when crossing the street: If you’re listening to headphones, be sure to remove them when crossing the street. Hearing is one of the most important senses you can use to keep yourself safe. If your ears are covered, you may not hear potential dangers and you would not be able to react accordingly.

  • Cross only where you are supposed to: There are certain areas where you should always be when crossing the street--such as crosswalks, street lights, stop signs, and other designated areas.

  • Be visible at all times: Wear bright clothes when possible, especially when walking at night. The darker the clothes you wear, the more difficult it will be for vehicles to see you, putting you at potential danger.

What Drivers Should Do to Keep Others Safe

Of course, any act of negligent can result in a pedestrian suffering injuries in an accident. It’s important for drivers to remain diligent and alert on the road, following all laws to prevent causing significant harm.

Drivers must stop at traffic signs that call for such action, be sure nobody is crossing the crosswalks, and proceed with caution after every stop. You never know when a pedestrian may come within your route, so it’s important to focus on the road. Meaning no cell phone usage while driving.

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