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Who Are the Most Distracted Drivers?

When it comes to the question of which age group is the most distracted behind the wheel, many of us tend to gravitate towards putting the bulk of the blame on Millennials and Generation Z. They are known for their technological expertise, specifically with smartphones—something that many people assume translates into becoming a distraction behind the wheel.

Which Age Range Is the Most Likely to Drive Distracted?

When it comes to answering this question based on statistics, you may be surprised by the answer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2015, the most recent year in which there is complete data for, distracted driving impacts all drivers nearly equally. Their study compiled the data from 48,000 drivers of all ages and tracked two different categories—distracted driving and cellphone usage.

Distracted Driving

Of the 48,000 drivers involved in fatal distracted driving accidents, 3,300 of them were found to be distracted. The age breakdown:

  • Age 15-19 - 290 distracted drivers

  • Age 20-29 - 891 distracted drivers

  • Age 30-39 - 612 distracted drivers

  • Age 40-49 - 482 distracted drivers

  • Age 50-59 - 376 distracted drivers

  • Age 60-69 - 275 distracted drivers

  • Age 70+ - 287 distracted drivers


The study then breaks down how many of these accidents involved cellphone usage:

  • Age 15-19 - 64 drivers or 22% of distracted drivers

  • Age 20-29 - 151 drivers or 17% of distracted drivers

  • Age 30-39 - 101 drivers or 17% of distracted drivers

  • Age 40-49 - 62 drivers or 13% of distracted drivers

  • Age 50-59 - 50 drivers or 13% of distracted drivers

  • Age 60-69 - 15 drivers or 5% of distracted drivers

  • Age 70+ - 12 drivers or 4% of distracted drivers

What Does This Mean?

Millennials are still at the top of the list for being the most commonly found distracted drivers, however, the other age groups are not far behind. Additionally, cellphone use is almost the same across the boards, regardless of age. While this study doesn’t highlight any age group as being exceedingly more likely to drive distracted than another, it does shine a light on just how large of an epidemic distracted driving is—because everyone, regardless of age, sex, or race is at risk of doing it.

GKBM Can Help

We know just how dangerous distracted driving is, and knowing that it is completely preventable is something that we are not OK with. Distracted driving is a selfish act that is harming many people every single day.

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