Large Amazon delivery truck on bridge

I Got Hit By an Amazon Driver. What Can I Do?

High Amazon Delivery Demands and The Impact on Road Safety

Amazon has made it very convenient for consumers to purchase goods and receive them lighting-fast to their doorstep. And, high demands mean more Amazon delivery trucks on the road.

While every job can come with a certain amount of stress and pressure, Amazon delivery drivers’ pressures and stresses are unique — and these strains can lead to a severe, deadly crash. Here’s what you need to know.

How Amazon Truck Crashes Happen

With next-day delivery options, Amazon truck drivers have enormous pressure to deliver packages fast. Such pressure often leads drivers to disobey traffic rules to get the packages to their destinations quickly — which means putting the driver and other motorists on the road at an increased risk of a severe accident.

According to a report by Business Insider, 31 interviewed Amazon truck drivers described their work environment as physically demanding, with strict time constraints, and the pressure to drive at dangerously high speeds and blow stop signs. Furthermore, an investigation conducted by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica last year revealed that Amazon drivers were involved in 60 car crashes since 2015 and caused serious injuries and the deaths of 13 people.

Who is Liable in an Amazon Truck Accident?

Most Amazon delivery drivers are not directly employed by Amazon and are independent contractors. This means that the defendant in an Amazon accident claim would not necessarily be Amazon, but the delivery contractor.

While liability may fall on the shoulders of the Amazon delivery driver, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be eligible for compensation after suffering an injury in a crash caused by an Amazon driver. Amazon requires delivery contractors to have what’s called “Amazon Flex” insurance coverage, which is liability insurance to cover any damages and injuries from an accident.

Amazon truck accident claims are complicated. For the best possible outcome and to receive maximum compensation, it’s best to enlist an experienced truck accident attorney's help.

Hit By an Amazon Driver? We Can Help.

The last thing on your mind when driving is getting into a car crash, but accidents can happen in the blink-of-an-eye. When it involves such a large commercial truck, like Amazon, the injuries can be that much more devastating. If an Amazon driver has hurt you or a loved one, we can help you seek justice for your injuries. Our Memphis personal injury lawyers will work with you to ensure your rights are protected against the insurance companies who represent large corporations.

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