a driver holding a cup of coffee

Does Caffeine Help Drivers Stay Awake?

We know that drowsiness impairs many people’s judgment and decision-making ability. In a regular setting, there’s nothing wrong with this. When the drowsy person is driving, though, it creates significant dangers for all others on the road.

Drowsy driving can have similar effects as drinking and distracted driving, making it difficult for drivers to focus on the road. Because of this, many drivers load up on caffeine in hopes of heightening alertness and reaction time. However, it leads us to wonder, is caffeine more effective than a good amount of sleep?

Research History Shows the Difference

A study in 2007 put caffeine to the test. Multiple sleep-deprived drivers were a part of a study that determined just how effective caffeine was for alertness when compared to a short nap and a placebo effect.

During the driving test, people had either decaffeinated coffee, regular coffee, or a nap lasting 30 minutes. Researches relied on the number of line crossings to determine which option was the most effective at keeping drivers awake and removing some of the signs of drowsy driving.

· Those who had decaffeinated coffee crossed the line a total of 159 times.

· Those who had 30 minutes of sleep crossed the line a total of 84 times.

· Those who had regular coffee crossed the line a total of 27 times.

It’s easy to see that caffeine does play a role in keeping drivers awake at the wheel. However, for most, a good and healthy amount of sleep the night before driving is sufficient enough to prevent severe accidents from occurring. It’s vital for all those on the road to stay safe and operate with the safety of others in mind.

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