Summer Bicycle Safety Tips

With the weather warming up, people of all ages are ready to hit the road on their bicycles. Although we are all eager to get outside and soak in the sunshine, it is important to stay safe while doing so. Below are Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC’s bicycle safety tips to keep in mind this summer.

Stay Hydrated

There are places in the United States that get way hotter than Memphis, but we know it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Make sure to stay hydrated while cycling. Heat exhaustion is never pleasant, especially when you must bike all the way home.

Make Sure Your Bicycle Is in Working Condition

Prior to taking it on the road, take a moment to inspect the condition of your bicycle. For instance, check the tire pressure and ensure that the brakes and lights are in good working order.

Always Wear a Helmet—and Other Protective Gear

This may seem like elementary advice, but protective gear remains important no matter how old you get. In addition to a helmet, many cyclists find it helpful to use gloves, mouthguards, and outfit their handlebars or helmets with mirrors.

Plan Your Trip

It is a wise idea to plan your trip before you leave, even if you are only biking to work. The route you would take in a car may not be the safest—or even fastest—route on a bicycle. Utilize the internet and navigation apps to find the best route to your destination, making sure to check the bicycle directions.

Once on the Road, Keep Your Focus on It

Distracted bicycling is just as dangerous as distracted driving. Stow away your phone and don’t bike with headphones on. Always look at where you are going. It is very important to stay alert on city streets, as many motorists have a hard time looking out for bicyclists. In other words, make sure to bike defensively.

Although National Bike Month may have ended May 31st, bicycle safety is important year-round. We hope these tips will help you have a fun, safe biking experience.

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