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When it comes to being productive, there is nothing like being able to look back on what you have accomplished and taking pride in your achievements. Often the problem is that we get overly stressed at work and just do not know where to begin. The following are five productivity practices you can implement today to turn yourself into a more productive person around the office.

Practice Self Motivation

If you are the type of person who struggles to get started on a task, then chances are lacking self motivation is holding you back from being a highly productive person. No one is going to take responsibility for motivating you to do the things you know you need to get done around the office. That job is solely up to you, and it is your obligation to yourself to push yourself to get things done. For some people this means forcing themselves to become more willing to jump in with both feet on a task or to stop just sitting around. Others will need to motivate themselves with a system of punishments and rewards that fit with how productive they are being. The bottom line is that if you are not able to motivate yourself to be productive, you will simply remain in a state of constant stagnation and fail to get the things done at work that matter. Unproductive people generally draw negative attention from management and boss types, so it is important to make others recognize that you are a productive asset, not a lazy hindrance to operations.

Practice Time Management

Time is ever slipping away. For every minute wasted, that is a minute that some task on your to do list could be closer to completion. According to theweek.com, one way to improve productivity is to schedule times and set deadlines that you intend to meet for each item on your to do list. The problem is that many people set deadlines and make little to no effort to meet them. This will never do. In fact, you must challenge yourself to beat your deadlines if you want to be a productive individual that will gain the reputation of getting the job done in a timely manner. You must also be able to manage time for even personal needs around the office, such as contacting an attorney to get started on a personal injury case or other important issues that impact your efficiency at work.

Practice Staying on Task

Focus is a big part of pushing ahead in a task you want to complete. For this reason, productivity and staying on task go hand in hand. One side of this coin is to always make sure your attention is not divided among too many tasks and distractions. Some key distractions at work to eliminate could be as follows:

  • Smartphone interruptions
  • Leaving your desk for food or snacks
  • Other workers bothering you

For more common distractions killing your focus at work, please check out lifehack.org. Keep in mind that having too much on your plate and losing focus will lead to a lot of unfinished tasks, and this will be counter to your productivity practices.

Practice Being Organized

Organization is a major factor in becoming a productive individual. If you are always wasting time looking for things you need to have on hand, this will destroy your productivity from the inside out. Organized people can get tasks and projects done faster and more efficiently, because everything they need to do the job is right there at their fingertips.

Practice Finishing What You Start

It is one thing to motivate yourself to be more productive, it is another thing to follow things through until you cross the finish line. Productivity involves completing tasks, not simply leaving them half done. Even if it means putting in extra time and effort, sometimes you just have to make that extra push to see things through to the very end so that you can reap the rewards of being successfully productive in the eyes of your colleagues.

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