Being a Car Accident Victim: When It Gets Personal

By | Car Accident

No one ever plans on being injured in an accident. It just happens. Oftentimes, when you least expect it. One minute you are on your way to work, and the next minute someone has crashed into your vehicle leaving you stuck on the side of the road. Not only do you have to try to figure out what happened, but you also have to deal with your injuries and how to pay for repairs and medical expenses during your time recovering. Making Sense of the Mess Does this sound like anything you have ever dealt with in the past? If…

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Steps to take immediately following a motor vehicle accident

By | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most Tennessee car accident victims do not know exactly what they should do after a collision. Provided that the victim is not seriously hurt, however, he or she can limit the chances of experiencing a wide variety of problems by carrying out a specific a plan of action in the wake of a crash. Indeed, if one carries out the steps outlined below, many problems commonly associated with a motor vehicle accident can be avoided. While it may seem obvious, the first step is one that some Tennessee drivers neglect to do. That involves stopping one’s vehicle. Some drivers will…

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