Trucking company had 17 violations before fatal truck accident

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People in Tennessee generally take care to maintain their vehicles and make sure to operate them in a safe manner. We know that the risk of not doing either one of these things could be a serious accident. However, not all vehicle operators and owners take these precautions. The negligence of a trucking company is at the center of a tragic truck accident that took lives of six people. The crash occurred after a trucker was following too closely behind an SUV in which the victims were traveling. According to reports, the trucker smashed into the SUV while driving at…

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‘Strange Noise’ in Front End Precedes Memphis Truck Crash

By | Motor Vehicle Accidents

An overturned semi-truck on I-40 led to a ticket for failing to maintain control of a vehicle being issued to the truck’s driver. The truck first rolled onto the driver’s side before sliding 150 yards, causing traffic headaches for others on eastbound Interstate 40. The cause of the crash is unknown, but the driver reported hearing a strange noise in the semi-truck’s front end just prior to the rollover crash, raising questions of whether there was some kind of mechanical failure while the truck was in motion. Although the driver was given a citation for the Tennessee truck crash, it…

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