Woman injured in alleged nursing home abuse

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A 24-year-old male nursing home worker is facing serious charges. Residents in Tennessee who have family members in nursing homes may be interested in reading about the alleged incident that occurred in another state. The man was charged withnursing home abuse following the incident.

The man was working as a certified nursing assistant when he allegedly assaulted an elderly resident at a nursing home. According to reports, the man and another employee refused to let the patient exit her room and even kept the door closed so she could not leave. In addition, the woman was left with a number of bruises after she was allegedly pulled along by her wrists and arms. A fellow certified nursing assistant stated that he saw the incident and heard the woman demand that the man refrain from putting his hands on her.

From the defense’s standpoint, the man was simply attempting to assist a patient who was agitated at the time. There is a video that allegedly reveals what happened at the time of the incident and, apparently, the woman was shown swinging at the man. Since the incident, the patient has been moved to another facility.

Sadly, a significant amount of patient injuries that occur at Tennessee nursing homes are caused by nursing home abuse. The woman undoubtedly suffered a great deal of pain and suffering due to the incident and may have suffered emotionally as well. In cases like this one, if evidence demonstrates that a nursing home employee abused a patient then that patient may be awarded compensation if he or she or his or her family decides to take legal action.

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