Woman sues for misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis

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Failure to appropriately diagnose individuals can cause a number of injuries to a patient. Misdiagnosis is also the cause for many medical malpractice suits that are filed in Tennessee and other parts of the country. A woman filed a claim against a medical facility after there was an apparent diagnosis error.

The woman filed the claim against Baptist Health and also a former neurologist. Back in 2010, the woman went in for treatment of back aches and headaches and was diagnosed with a condition called multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis caused the woman to undergo costly tests and also treatment. Later on, the woman discovered that she did not have multiple sclerosis after she had obtained a second opinion.

Reports indicate that the woman is not the only individual to experience this, and there may have been thousands of others who have been victimized by false diagnosis. A representative of Baptist Health stated that no fraud was committed and denied any wrongdoing. The representative further stated that Baptist Health does not tolerate health care fraud. No other information about this matter was reported.

It is not known exactly what injuries the woman suffered since being given themisdiagnosis or if her actual condition got worse since treatment was apparently delayed. If she faced even more serious injuries due to the error, then she may be able to recover compensation for the turmoil through which she was put. Patients who have dealt with similar circumstances to this woman could find it helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Tennessee about their cases.

Source: firstcoastnews.com, “Baptist Health sued over misdiagnosis claim“, Roger Weeder, Feb. 9, 2015