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Personal Injury Attorney in Blytheville, Arkansas

Since 2000, there have been more than 100 fatal auto accidents in Blytheville, Arkansas. There have been hundreds more accidents without fatalities. A high percentage of accidents occur because of an act of neglect against the victim. Neglect most likely caused your pain, and you deserve compensation for it.

The attorneys at GKBM are dedicated to getting you the compensation that you deserve for your victimization. You have a right to live your life safely and without incident in a certain environment. A Blytheville personal injury occurs whenever you receive an injury because someone did not act in a manner that was appropriate for your welfare. Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi are seasoned specialists who can fight for compensation for your injury in the Blytheville, Arkansas area. Click here to find out if you are eligible.

About Personal Injury: What we do

A personal injury can occur in almost any situation, so you should always seek to consult with a lawyer. A case only has to meet a few requirements to qualify as a personal injury case. First, you must be an injured person with proof of your Blytheville personal injury. Proof can consist of hospital bills, auto repair bills, therapy documents and the like. You may also have written statements from eyewitnesses who can attest to your injury.

Many incidents can fall into the category of personal injury. There is no situation that GKBM cannot investigate. The most popular personal injury cases are auto accidents because they almost always involve blatant disregard for the other people who are on the road. Drunk driving, texting and driving, running red lights and speeding are common causes of auto accidents. All can be viewed as neglect.

Defective products are personal injuries, as well. The personal injuries occur because a mediation manufacturer, car manufacturer or toy manufacturer failed to use precautions when it developed its products.

Slip and fall incidents occur many times throughout each year. An attorney can help you collect compensation if you have a slip and fall injury because of a storefront obstruction, wet floor, slippery food items and the like.

Dog bites are additional incidents that fall under the personal injury laws. A pet owner is responsible for the conduct of his or her pet. That person is supposed to train the pet not to react to humanity in a harmful fashion. You can receive compensation for an animal bite and any inconvenience that it causes you in your life.