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Car wreck lawyers in Clarkedale, Arkansas  

Clarkedale, Arkansas a gorgeous town, but it is also an area that is susceptible to car crashes. In fact, an accident just occurred a few days ago near Exit 1 on I-26. More than one vehicle was involved in the crash, and more than one person got hurt. Incidents like that one happen all the time because of neglect. You may be the victim of neglect if you have been in a recent automobile accident. You also may be eligible for compensation under the personal injury laws. A Clarkedale personal injury attorney might be able to assist you.

About Personal Injuries in Clarkedale, Arkansas

A personal injury is any injury that occurs because of the neglect of another party. The injury becomes personal because of that neglect. Neglect is defined as an action or a lack of an action that is in a person’s best interest. A wide variety of individuals and parties can be held liable for personal injuries. Just a few examples are vehicle drivers, medical practitioners, nursing home personnel, business owners and more.

Why You Deserve Compensation

You deserve compensation because you have the right to be safe from injury. You have a right to safe streets, safe business establishments and safe medical care. Anyone who does not act in your best interest may be held accountable for any injuries that you accrue as a patron or resident. You deserve compensation because you are going to have a difficult time getting your life back together after your injury. The funds that you can receive from the assistance that your lawyer gives you will help you to get by and get back on your feet.

Compensation That You Can Receive

Your Clarkedale personal injury attorney can help obtain compensatory and punitive damages for you. The first type of funds covers your medical bills and all the tangible expenses that you have. These funds compensate for your lost work wages, household bills, auto repairs, crutches, wheelchair devices and the like. Punitive damages are extra funds. A judge only orders punitive damages if he first orders compensatory damages. Punitive damages cannot stand alone. Some people refer to punitive damages as “pain and suffering” compensation because they aid in your emotional and psychological recovery process. Punitive damages can add up to several thousand dollars depending on your situation.

How an Attorney Can Help

A reliable attorney can help in many ways. First, this person can act as your compassionate confidante while you tell the story of your accident and the losses that it caused you. Next, the attorney can help create a strategy that will get you the compensation you deserve. He or she may first try to resolve your situation out of court. An out-of-court settlement can put funds in your hands quickly so that you can survive. Some offenders are more than willing to resolve the cases outside of court. Other offenders maintain that they are not guilty of neglect. In such cases, the attorney would act as your aggressive rights defender and fight to get you everything that is owed to you.

Who to Call

The best place to go for a personal injury case is an experienced law firm. GKBM has been around the block and in business for more than 40 years. The firm specializes in all manner of personal injury and monetary claim rights. They handle disability claim denials and workers’ compensation denials as well as the old-fashioned personal injury claims. The firm is well known by entities such as CBS, NBC, Google and Fox. It received a rating as one of the top 10 firms in the area.

Contact a Lawyer Today

You can schedule a free consultation by contacting GKBM today. You will be on your way to receiving your settlement if you move quickly. There is nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation. In fact, you have everything to gain. You may be eligible for a larger settlement than you think you deserve, but you will never know unless you contact someone about it. Just dial the dedicated number, and someone will get back to you quickly with a date that you can come in.

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