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Your son is an aspiring Blues musician. For months, he has been begging you to take him to the Delta Blues Museum. So today you decided that you are going to oblige him. You’ve just had an amazing time looking at some of the legends who built the history of Blues music. Now you are back in the car and have one more surprise for your son. You are taking him to buy a brand-new guitar. You’re driving on W. 2nd St., heading toward Friars Point Road. Then out of nowhere an oncoming vehicle crosses into your lane, threatening to hit you head-on. You swerve your vehicle so that the driver side takes the majority of the impact. The last words you hear as you fade into unconsciousness is your son asking you if you are okay.

A Scenario That Is All Too Common in Clarksdale

Sadly, this story has been repeated time and time again on Mississippi roads. When a Clarksdale, Mississippi resident finds himself the victim of an automobile accident, he may feel overwhelmed. If the injury was severe enough, he may find himself waking up in a hospital only to learn that he has weeks or months of recovery ahead of them. Of course, he is happy to be alive, but soon the worry about covering medical expenses, getting back to work, and taking care of his family overwhelms him.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to seek the counsel of a Clarksdale personal injury attorney. Here’s why. From the moment the at-fault vehicle reported the accident to their insurance company, their insurance company began a process of putting the blame for the accident on you. We at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC have been handling these cases in the Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi area since the 1970’s. And this is what we’ve seen time and time again.

As the victim of a personal injury accident, you need to have a Clarksdale personal injury attorney fighting for your rights. This would include investigating the accident to determine who truly was at fault. This would include helping you collect medical expenses, determining lost wages, and creating a composite picture of the compensation you are due as a result of the injury.

Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

Insurance companies waste no time in getting their lawyers, investigators, and other professionals working to protect their interests. The longer you wait to file a personal injury claim, the better it is for the insurance company. In fact, insurance companies are hoping that you will drag your feet. And there are two reasons for this.

The first is that in Mississippi there is a statute of limitations that determines how long you have to file your case. If that statute of limitations passes, you may completely lose out on your right to compensation.

The second reason why they want you to drag your feet is because they know that the longer it takes you to file a case, the larger your medical expenses will be. The longer it takes you, the longer you are without work and the more desperate your financial situation becomes. It pains us to say this, but insurance companies want you to be in a desperate position. This gives them the upper hand when it comes to offering a settlement. If they can get you with your back against the wall, they might be able to force you to accept a settlement that is a lot less than what you deserve.

At the law office of Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC, we are committed to helping you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve. It does not matter to us if your case is worth thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. We are determined to do what it takes to help our injured neighbors get the compensation they desperately need.

How GKBM can help you

We have helped individuals involved in motor accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and many others. We are willing and ready to help you.

Our law firm does not accept every case that walks through the door. However, we invite you to sit down with us to have a free consultation and see if our legal expertise can help you. If we feel we are not best suited for your case, we will happily recommend you to someone. We do not take any legal fees until and unless we get a settlement or verdict for your case.