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Collierville is a town in Shelby County, Tennessee, and a fast-growing suburb of the City of Memphis. The town population was 43,965 in 2010, up dramatically from 2,020 in 1960. Carrier Corporation and Pepsi Beverages are major industrial employers, and the Baptist Memorial Hospital treats  crash casualties from Interstate Highway 269, which passes through the southern and eastern parts of the town.

While speeding westward along I-269 heading toward Memphis, a driver fails to give road conditions full-time attention and so crashes into another car, totally destroying it and leaving the driver severely injured and figuratively knocking on heaven’s door. The driver walks away unhurt.

In urgent need of immediate, emergency medical attention, the injured driver is transported by responding paramedics to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Collierville, where an emergency physician sets the fractures, stops the bleeding, sutures and dresses the wounds, treats for shock and pain, and finally stabilizes the injured driver patient’s condition. Now there is an equally urgent need for a Collierville personal injury attorney.

An unfortunate fact of life is that car crashes are not uncommon in occurrence, but their consequences are usually catastrophic in scale. The situation is extremely stressful for the personal injury claimant, who must choose an attorney to protect and preserve very valuable and vulnerable rights and interests always subject to loss.

Some such injured claimants believe they can represent themselves in negotiating settlement payoffs with big truckers, but this idea is a self-defeating false economy that all claimants would do well to discard. 

The personal injury claimant should select a Collierville personal injury attorney with substantial experience in such challenging cases, an attorney familiar with the laws surrounding car crashes and other highway accident litigation, the unique evidentiary issues to overcome in bearing the burden of proof of entitlement to judgments in favor of injured clients.

Gatti Keltner Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC Knows about Car Crashes

The Montesi law firm has nearly 40 years of success in settling and when necessary litigating car crash cases in western Tennessee and nearby Arkansas and Mississippi. Our lawyers are not aggressively belligerent, but are also never timid in asserting client rights to full and fair compensation from the insurance companies for the horrendous injuries they inflict. No client deserves a ruined life because a careless driver fails to pay attention and then wants a free pass for the injuries and damage the carelessness causes.

How GKBM Serves Collierville Clients

The Collierville personal injury attorneys at GKBM fight wholeheartedly for settlements clients truly deserve, so they screen prospective cases for those strong on the facts or merits. They confer with the claimant, evaluate the evidence for whether they can be helpful, and, if they find that they cannot, refer the claimant to attorneys willing to pursue risky cases. 

GKBM attorneys immediately secure evidence, identify, interview, and prepare factual and expert witnesses for court appearances, draft and file appropriate pretrial motions, which may be dispositive of cases, and construct the strongest cases possible. They remain in constant contact with clients, respond promptly at all times, and do whatever may be necessary for full and fair compensation for their clients. If they don’t win, clients pay nothing, a wonderful feature of contingent personal injury practice, financially an investment that can’t be beat.

GKBM works hard to achieves the best results possible for clients, ideally so they can recover completely from their injuries and losses and restore their lives to the extent humanly possible. Call (901) 526-2126 today for a free consultation.