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You could have been coming back from Meador’s Drug Store after treating yourself to a 1940s soda-fountain drink, on your way home when you get hit by another car. Dumas, Arkansas is no stranger to vehicular accidents, so you need not feel alone if you suffer one. Many accidents occur in the area near the train tracks. The area near U.S. 65 and State Police Road is an extremely sensitive area. All drivers have to stay alert when they are around train tracks because of the power and speed of an oncoming train. You can seek assistance from a reliable Dumas personal injury attorney if you were involved in a collision that involved a near-railroad incident. For instance, you can sue if you received an injury because the daring driver in front of you tried to cross the train tracks despite the warnings against proceeding. You can contact an attorney no matter what kind of car accident you endure.

Car Accidents Are Always Personal

Car accidents are always personal no matter what kind of vehicles or circumstances they entail. The reason they are personal is that they usually involve some type of neglect. The above-stated incident would qualify as neglect on the part of the driver who tried to outrun a train. The careless act of zooming ahead to outrun a train is the cause of all the injuries that hit the train riders and the nearby vehicles.

An automobile manufacturer can make an auto accident personal by putting a vehicle together poorly or releasing it for sale with known defects. Manufacturers can also make accidents personal by not informing consumers of vehicle defects and recalling them so that the customers can fix them. All three situations show a lack of care for the lives of the people who have to operate the vehicles.

Other drivers can cause auto accidents to be personal by speeding, drinking or engaging in reckless or distracted driving. Distracted driving is trying to operate a motor vehicle while doing something else at the same time. Texting while driving and using the cell phone while driving are two of the most common causes of car crashing. Other examples of distracted driving are applying makeup, talking to passengers and watching DVDs. Reckless driving includes all manner of traffic violations such as speeding, running red lights, speeding through stop signs and the like.

All of the above-stated incidents qualify for personal injury suits because they involve neglect, which is the lack of care for other people.

You Deserve Compensation

You deserve compensation no matter what type of accident you endured. You have a right to contact a reputable law firm and speak to a Dumas personal injury attorney about your case. You may be eligible for compensatory and punitive damages. Such damages can cover all of your medical costs, auto repairs, household bills, lost work wages and even some of your pain and suffering. Thirty to 60 minutes of your time can end up getting you quite a settlement.

How a Dumas Attorney Can Help

The attorney will act as your friend and confidant first. He or she will listen to your story and let you know how you can receive assistance. Secondly, the attorney will let you know the arrangement that the firm provides and ask if you would like the firm to represent you. The firm may first try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for you. The other party may be willing to settle out of court to spare itself from media coverage and such. If the other party does not agree to such an arrangement, then the attorney will fight aggressively to get your settlement another way.

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