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GKBM law firm has outstanding car wreck attorneys in Jonesboro, Arkansas

There are countless circumstances which can give rise to accidents in Jonesboro, Arkansas.Each year many Jonesboro residents are injured by accidents on the job, by being physically attacked or simply by falling while doing the weekly grocery shopping. Our Jonesboro personal injury lawyers specialize in cases where people are victims of accidents caused by the negligence of others, whether it be an individual or a business. The well-trained, caring attorneys at our firm believe it is their job to protect accident victims by ensuring that their rights are preserved and by advocating for their best interests in court or during the course of settlement negotiations. Our Jonesboro personal injury lawyers represent people who have been hurt in car accidents, incidents of medical malpractice, pharmacy negligence, nursing home abuse, construction accidents and many other types of claims arising from negligence.

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Our practice areas

Every client and every case that finds its way through our doors is unique. Our lawyers understand that we must take the time to listen to our clients in order to respond to their specific needs. As a courtesy to all prospective clients, we offer a free case evaluation so that we can best advise you whether or not to go forward with your claim. If we do recommend that you go forward with legal representation, we want to make sure the potential result will be well worth the effort and cost of pursuing your claim.

Although the many aspects of your legal claim may seem overwhelming, the choice of your law firm should be simple. We believe that our firm is the best choice to represent your interest for the following reasons, among others:

Our experienced team

Our attorneys have years of experience handling claims that all fall within the field of personal injury law. Our clients receive the benefit of our years of practice and the advice we can offer on such issues of whether proceeding to trial or settling a case is best for the client. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience investigating the underlying facts of every case that we accept. Armed with this expertise in personal injury, our attorneys obtain optimal outcomes to cases, whether that is through a trial verdict or a settlement.


With eleven attorneys and dozens of support staff, our firm is ready, willing and able to get the results that are truly fair and just under the circumstances. Our private investigators, accident reconstruction experts, medical experts and other personnel provide excellent support to ensure that any judge or jury will award excellent compensation to our clients. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Arkansas and have successfully represented clients in trials and appeals in all three states.

Excellent Support

When you hire us, you are not only assigned a highly competent attorney who will actively advocate your interests throughout your case, but you also are provided frequent access to our support staff and other personnel who will act as a team to carefully prepare your claim and to successfully present it to a court of law. When you have questions regarding the status of your claim, you will be able to easily reach our staff who are familiar with your case every step of the way.


We are ready to work with your to get your claim started. If that means we need to come to you at your home or even to the hospital where you are receiving medical care, we will certainly take the time and make the effort to accommodate you. If you are in need of medical care but are unable to pay for it all at once, we may be able to help you in this regard. Sometimes accidents do not occur at the most convenient times of day. For this reason, our firm offers direct, 24 hour-a-day attorney access where the personal injury matter is particularly severe.

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Our attorneys are dedicated to serving the legal needs of those injured in accidents in Jonesboro and throughout the state of Arkansas. We think that, with our knowledge, experience, resources and team-approach to legal representation, we can certainly be of service to you in obtaining the very best result in your legal claim. Our firm is ready to fight to protect your legal rights and to secure the optimal forms of legal relief to which you are entitled as a result of an injury due to the negligence of another party.