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Each year in Little Rock, thousands of people are injured because of someone else’s misconduct or negligence. That may sound like a vague statistic unless and until you become one of those thousands. Then you may be involved in a personal injury case requires the assistance of a personal injury attorney. If that happens to you and you live in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, you need a firm that will fight for your rights. You need Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC. We are experienced in the field of personal injury law, and we are dedicated to obtaining just compensation for your injuries as you can see from our firm profile.

For information about obtaining your police report, click here to be linked to the Little Rock Police page.

At our law firm, we recognize that all personal injury cases are different. That is why we take the time to understand all aspects of your case as personal injury attorneys. We begin with a free evaluation and our assurance that if we cannot achieve your just compensation, you do not pay us for services.

Types of cases at GKBM

At GKBM, we are familiar with the many types of personal injury cases. Most of them involve car accidents. More than five million car accidents happen each year in the United States. The two main causes are negligence, which generally means that the driver was not paying attention to the road or to other drivers, and misconduct, which often means that alcohol was involved.

If you are injured at work, you may have a personal injury claim, especially if your company will not take responsibility for the injury. As injury lawyers, we will examine the circumstances that led to your injury in our fight for just compensation.

You may be a victim of medical malpractice, which is often difficult to prove. In such a case, we work to prove that the treatment you received is the actual cause of your injury.

In general, many personal injury cases are difficult to prove, which is a main reason that you need Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi as personaly injury lawyers for your case. We are experienced in all phases of personal injury law and we know how to fight for your rights. We pride ourselves on factors that set us apart from other law firms that are concerned with personal injury cases which is easily seen when looking through our firm profile.

Our core principles  

  1. Focus. Our focus is you and the issues that concern your injury. Cases that involve personal injury, on-the-job injuries, wrongful death, and disability claims are what we do, and we do it with knowledge and dedication. These are our battlegrounds, and we will fight for fairness in any personal injury claim. With our experience, we know the difference between a trial and a personal settlement and when to accept either one. Our focus is you and compensation you deserve.
  2. Experience. Our 11 lawyers add up to 150 years of experience in handling personal injury cases as personal injury lawyers. Our law firm dates from 1970 and is dedicated to getting results. We find medical experts when that is required to win a case. Besides Tennessee, our lawyers also practice in Arkansas and Mississippi.
  3. Teamwork. Our years of experience in personal injury and other law areas has taught us the value of teamwork. When you are represented by GKBM, you have the experience and dedication of a team working for you. From your first meeting with our staff, you will find that we are dedicated to the compensation and fairness that you want and deserve.
  4. Convenience. From the first moment that you join us to begin your fight for fair compensation, you will realize how strong that dedication is. We will search for the best and the fairest outcome.


Always remember, the first thing to do after any accident is assess the damage and make sure to call the police for help. If you live in Little Rock, click here to connect to the Little Rock Police Department.

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