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Little Rock Hit and Run Attorney

The interstate traffic was brisk but moving steadily. Samantha checked her mirrors and the truck in her rear-view was practically on her bumper. She lightly tapped her brakes to send a warning, and then turned her attention back to the highway ahead. She saw the telltale sign of a series of brake lights in front of her and knew traffic was slowing down at the approaching merge from a busy exit. As she applied her own brakes she felt and heard a major thump from the back of her car. The tailgating truck had rammed into her!

Now stopped in traffic, she put on her emergency flashers, motioned to the driver behind her that she was moving the car and started to ease onto the roadway shoulder. Just as she did, the truck driver hit the gas and sped into traffic, maneuvering onto the shoulder ahead of her and rapidly exiting at the next exit. Fortunately she’d managed to snap a photo with her phone that showed the license plate, but like thousands of drivers each year, Samantha had been the victim of a hit and run.

Little Rock hit and run accidents are both common and deadly

One-fifth of all pedestrian fatalities are linked to hit and run drivers and, according to the American Auto Association (AAA) eleven percent (11%) of all crashes involve a hit and run driver. The Little Rock Hit and Run Attorneys at GKBM are experienced in the unique fact patterns and evidentiary challenges presented by hit and run accidents. It is always prudent to retain counsel after being hurt in an accident, but this is even more critical when the driver causing the crash disappears attempting to avoid accountability.

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, take the following actions:

  • Move yourself to a safe spot
  • Note a description of the fleeing vehicle and the direction of travel
  • If possible get the license plate number
  • Take note of your exact location
  • Call 911 and explain there has been a hit and run
  • Get the names and contact information for any witnesses stopping to help
  • Let the police take it from there
  • Do not attempt to chase the vehicle because you could become a victim of road rage
  • Wait for the police to arrive and complete a report
  • Get any needed medical attention
  • Call GKBM to schedule a free consultation

If the offending driver is apprehended by the police, he or she will face charges for leaving the scene and failing to provide information after the accident. You will be a witness to the case, but the decision to prosecute and penalize the hit and run driver is left the district attorney and judge. Sometimes, restitution for damages is part of the penalty for hit and run drivers who are convicted.

How a Little Rock Hit and Run Attorney Can Help You with Your Settlement

Any claim for damages and personal injury should be made against the insurance company for the hit and run driver. While the criminal prosecution may affect the decision of the insurance company to pay the claim, the civil damages claim and the criminal prosecution are completely separate from one another. If the hit and run driver is found guilty, the conviction can be used as evidence in a civil case to help prove liability. The lawyers at GKBM routinely monitor criminal prosecutions and advocate on behalf of their clients in order to encourage judges and prosecutors to hold hit and run drivers accountable for their actions.

If the offending driver is not apprehended or otherwise identified, the hit and run victim will have to make a claim against his or her own insurance policy. Most auto insurance policies have special provisions detailing the procedures for making a claim related to a hit and run. It is important to follow the exact procedures outlined in insurance policies and state laws in these scenarios.

Why Chose Little Rock Attorneys at GKBM

The Little Rock Hit and Run Attorneys at GKBM have decades of experience in holding hit and run drivers accountable. Accident investigators are employed to help identify drivers even after police have given up on the case. The procedures demanded by state law and insurance policies are well known to our staff and we give our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing capable professionals are working diligently on their behalf to guarantee their rights are protected.

As with every other injury claim, clinical documentation of injuries is key to getting full compensation for a hit and run claim. Our experienced injury lawyers work with clients and medical providers to obtain thorough documentation of injuries sustained in a hit and run crash. There is no substitute for a qualified advocate when dealing with the aftermath of a hit and run accident. If you or someone you care about has been victimized, reach out to our office immediately.