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Why Call the Little Rock Car Accident Attorney Today?

There are too many drivers on the roads today who make the costly mistake of trying to negotiate on their own after being the victim in a car accident. Whether accepting an offer from the insurance company or allowing the responsible party to take care of your medical bills, these instances rarely end in favor of the victim.

These are a few of the reasons to reach out to a Little Rock car accident attorney the minute you can reach a phone after the incident.

Gathering Important Accident Evidence

In order to win a personal injury case, it all comes down to the evidence. Leave the decision to a judge or jury based on circumstantial evidence, and you may not get the appropriate compensation to cover your medical bills. The very first thing that the Little Rock car accident attorney will do once you call them is send out their own accident investigative team to collect key evidence. These accident investigators have seen all the tricks when it comes to cleaning up accident scenes, and will locate even the smallest evidence to prove your case.

Regardless if the accident occurred one hour ago or last week, the team will arrive on scene and take measurements, make a video of the surrounding areas, take plenty of pictures, and reach out to the witnesses listed on the police report. Collecting this evidence in a specific manner will give your lawyer an opportunity to preserve the scene and help witnesses better recall what they saw if called upon at the trial.

Getting Treatment from the Best Doctors

Even though your injuries were treated at the hospital, your attorney is already working hard to make certain you are seen by the best medical professionals in their field. Your lawyer is making appointments without any cost to you, so you don’t have to worry today about finding money to get these treatments. Your attorney wants to make certain you’re treated and your condition is diagnosed by respected professionals whose opinions carry significant weight.

After you consult with these doctors and you are treated, they will provide your attorney their unbiased opinion about your condition today and how the injuries are going to impact you in the future. This expert testimony will be provided to the courts, and many times can convince the insurance company it is not worth fighting a losing battle, and they settle right at the deadline for the full settlement offer.

Putting the Right Price on Your Injuries

Now that your personal injury attorney has met and consulted with all your doctors, they have the challenging task of putting a price on your injuries. Your attorney has to determine how those injuries have affected your way of life, your ability to earn a living, and what costs will be involved years from now. Get it wrong here, and you could come up short and could wind up going broke while the medical bills continue to pile up.

Your personal injury lawyer has decades of experience in these cases, and they will carefully determine how much money will adequately cover all your medical bills today, tomorrow, and well into your later years. That dollar amount includes all your pain, suffering, and losses incurred throughout the years. If you are unable to go back to work, your attorney will make certain the responsible party is held accountable to make you whole again.

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Anyone can come up with a number and say they are suing for that amount, it takes a skilled personal injury lawyer to determine the correct amount and get the insurance company to realize it will be less expensive for them to pay than deal with a lengthy trial. Once your attorney has determined exactly how much of a settlement offer to make, they will not fall prey to the high-pressure tactics of the insurance company to get victims to accept less.

Your attorney will present the insurance company with the offer, and make it clear that nothing less than that amount will be accepted or they can expect to prepare for a lengthy trial at their expense too. Your attorney is fighting on your behalf, and they will not let their emotions dictate how this case plays out. They will conduct business in a professional manner and convince the judge and jury as to why you deserve nothing less than the full settlement award.

Take Advantage of Your Free Consultation Today

Don’t allow too much valuable time to pass after being injured, call today and speak with a Little Rock car accident attorney about a free consultation. This is your one opportunity to get professional representation and then position yourself to getting compensated for those injuries that you sustained in the car accident.