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Car wreck attorneys in Malvern, Arkansas

You are traveling down I-270 listening to music and enjoying your family. All of the sudden, a driver, who is not paying attention, crashes into your little car. You are injured and unable to move. You see your whole life pass before your eyes. You car is totaled and you do not know whether you will be able to go back to work. The accident was not your fault. Life is pretty safe in Malvern, but this day was one that will go down in history. You need two things; get to a hospital and hire a personal injury attorney.

Why You Need Skilled Representation in Malvern

You need to know that you are not alone. Accidents happen all too frequently. Unfortunately, the consequences are also serious. Most of the time the injuries that are involved in an accident are either fatal or disabling. Situations of this magnitude can bring great stress to you and your entire family. You need an attorney who can represent you and your needs. A Malvern personal injury attorney can help you get through this hard time. We are skilled at winning auto accident cases.


There are many games that insurance companies  try to play. They will want to try to settle for a penance of what the accident is worth. They try to get the victim to sign a statement that later comes back to bite them. What is in the best interest of the insurance company is not in the best interest for you, which is why you need a Malvern personal injury attorney to represent your best interests.

What GKBM Law Can Do For You

GKBM handles a variety of cases including auto, truck and bike accidents as well as product liability, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. Click here to see all of our practice areas.

We will fight for you to the end. We do not take every case that walks through our door. We work on a contingency basis so we only take the cases that we know we can win. It all starts with a consultation. We will assess the situation and see if we can help. There are some cases where we cannot help. We can recommend alternatives to you if we cannot be of assistance. Once we take on your case, we immediately start to work. We want all the details from the accident scene. We get together witnesses and even engineers to go over the damages.

The best thing that we can do for our client is to keep them informed throughout the process. We want to make sure you get every dime you are entitled too. We want to get the best outcome possible for you. Let us handle the difficult task of winning this case for you. Call us today at 901-526-2126 for a consultation. We have live agents on our website that can assist you too. We can be reached at 1-888-526-2126. Our fax line is 901-577-5424. Let us get started for you and see victory over this troubling matter. Do not settle with the insurance company until you talk to an attorney first. We can help!

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