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Should Your Cancer Have Been Diagnosed Sooner?

When a person has cancer, a misdiagnosis of good health or of a relatively benign condition can mean the loss of a better chance for survival, harsher treatment options, or death. Given the stakes, the medical community has established certain standards for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This does not mean that doctors are expected to be perfect or even to be able to decipher all of the incredibly subtle signs of every cancer in its early stages of development. That wouldn’t be fair. What we can fairly expect, however, is that doctors will conduct the appropriate tests at the appropriate times for patients who have appropriate cancer-like symptoms.

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Handling Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuits Throughout the Memphis Tri-State Area

Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC was founded in 1970 and its attorneys have been helping victims of medical malpractice fight for fair compensation ever since. That many years of practice means something. It means that we know what the laws are and how they’ve evolved over time. It also means knowing what kinds of tests a doctor should order based on certain symptoms, and what evidence to look for in the medical records.

Most importantly, it means knowing doctors who are qualified and willing to testify for plaintiffs they believe have been harmed by medical negligence. Why is that so important? Because without a doctor who will do that (and they’re not easy to find), you cannot even get into court.

Did Your Doctor Miss the Signs?

Many cancers are difficult to detect until they have already reached an advanced stage of development. Others have very low survival rates no matter when they are diagnosed. That said, many other types of cancer have fairly high survival rates — even if they are not diagnosed or treated until the mid-stages of development. These include breast cancer, cervical cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer and certain lung cancers. ABC News reported that cancer misdiagnosis is not uncommon.

Doctors can also harm patients when they fail to evaluate the progression of the cancer correctly. The reason why is that the treatment for a particular type of cancer may be different for different stages of development. For instance, if a doctor diagnoses a Stage III prostate cancer as a Stage I cancer, without getting a pathologist’s report — the patient will not get the kind of treatment they need, which in turn can mean a significantly worse long-term prognosis and ultimately, wrongful death.

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