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Holding Health Care Providers Accountable for Negligence in the ER

Emergency rooms are often overcrowded, chaotic environments. This is especially true in a metropolitan area like Memphis. In more rural areas, where one ER might serve an area of hundreds of square miles, the same conditions may exist. In real terms, this often means poor patient care. And in some cases, a lack of proper care in the ER means permanent or fatal kinds of harm for people who don’t get the help they need when they need it most.

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Failures to Diagnose Heart Attacks and Strokes

The most common types of emergency room negligence claims involve medication errors or failures to diagnose a heart attack or stroke.

Every year, new heart attack victims go to emergency rooms for treatment only to be sent home with a diagnosis of heartburn, angina or something else — simply because their symptoms were not exactly the same as the diagnostic criteria. Some of these patients make it back to the ER later the same night; others do not survive.

Stroke victims often fare no better when their symptoms are subtle or do not exactly conform to the diagnostic criteria.

The tragedy of all this is that with prompt and appropriate care, most heart attack and stroke victims would not only survive their emergencies, but would also avoid long-term damage.

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