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Memphis Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Hundreds of thousands of work-related injuries happen in the U.S. and the state of Tennessee each year. They happen for a wide variety of reasons. Workers’ compensation is a benefit that memphis workers have regardless of who causes the incident and provides monetary coverage for the medical bills that an injured worker accumulates. Every employer in the state of Tennessee that has more than just a few employees must provide worker’s compensation benefits to all workers who qualify as employees. If you have been hurt on the job, you may qualify for workers’ compensation, as well and need the help of a workers compensation lawyer.

What Is a Work-Related Injury?

A work-related injury is any injury that happens to a worker in the midst of performing a job for the employer. Examples of work-related injuries are cuts, bruises, back problems and burns. An occupational disease can also be a work-related injury. A medical professional must examine the injured person to determine whether that person has a work-related injury. The doctor will also determine the length of time the injured person stays out of work. Read the Beginner’s Guide to Tennessee Worker’s Compensation for more information.

Reporting a Work-Related Injury

It is important for you or any other employee to report a work-related injury as quickly as possible. You have up to one year to report it, but most claimants report their injuries within 30 days. Prompt notification can keep your case from being rejected. Prompt notification can keep your employer or any other party from questioning you. Let your supervisor know the moment that you feel hurt or affected by something that occurred on the job. Your supervisor can help you file the necessary documentation. He or she still can also give you the name and number to at least three appointed doctors who can examine you and confirm that your injury is work related.

Job Protection

An injured worker does not have to worry about job loss because of a workers compensation claim. It is illegal for a Tennessee employer to fire an employee because that person requests workers’ compensation. The employer would be reprimanded and would most likely have to pay high fines and other high prices behind terminating an employee for a workers’ comp claim. A worker should feel confident about that and be sure to report an injury quickly. The supervisor will help the employee to file the necessary paperwork so that the issuing party can approve the claim promptly.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Trying to maintain order and stay above the water is difficult when you are dealing with any kind of injury. Having a lawyer and law firm to advise you and fight for you on your case can alleviate some of the stress that you may have endured without a good lawyer in memphis tennessee. Contacting one to ensure that you keep your peace is a smart move. Furthermore, sometimes workers compensation cases get rejected by the issuing party. The doctor’s report may cause the denial. If that happens, you will need a reliable attorney to file an appeal quickly so you don’t get stuck without a means of supporting yourself. Grabbing the number to some of the best workers compensation experts in Tennessee is advised. The lawyers at GKBM are those lawyers.

Why You Need GKBM

Many reasons exist as to why GKBM is a great fit for your workers compensation case in Memphis TN. The main reason is that the firm has been successfully representing people in your position for more than 40 years. All the attorneys at the law firm work together to provide you with the top-notch collaborative consultation that you deserve. Another reason to go with GKBM is that you never have to worry about money. The firm understands that you have suffered a work injury, and that your ability to earn money has been stripped from you. Therefore, you can count on getting a break from financial obligations. The consultation is 100-percent free, and the attorney will not ask for money for representation until he or she wins the case. There is no reason to hesitate on calling a reliable attorney today for a consultation.

What GKBM Can Do for You

The attorneys at GKBM can act as your confidants, protectors and advocates. They can try to persuade the issuing organization to change their ruling before it goes to court. They can act as your voice when you cannot speak about your injury in court. Furthermore, they can file all paperwork and negotiate the settlement terms after you win, as well.

Contact GKBM Today

You can schedule a consultation one of two ways. You can call the dedicated number any day of the day or night. That number is 901-526-2126. You may request an appointment by using an online form, as well. Don’t hesitate to get the backing you need for your work injury.