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Imagine yourself driving down a South Street when suddenly an SUV slams into the side of your vehicle and sends it across the highway. The town of Merigold is not a stranger to such incidents. In fact, an incident like that occurred not too long ago on County Road 107 because the driver most likely performed a careless act. You have the right to contact a Merigold personal injury attorney if you or someone you know has been involved in a similar incident. You may qualify to receive compensation for all your pain and suffering.

How Accidents Affect Merigold Victims

The reasons that automobile accidents are so devastating for the victims is the multiple levels of injuries they receive. First, such victims have to deal with the physical pain of whatever injuries they have to endure. Secondly, they have to deal with the psychological reminders of the pain that they went through and the helplessness that they felt at the time of the incident. Thirdly, the accident victims have to deal with financial damages from which they may have a difficult time recovering. A personal injury attorney is a person who can help a victim to get back on his or her feet in all three ways.

Only a small portion of motor vehicle accidents happen by no fault of any of the drivers or companies. Such rare incidents happen because of inclement weather. Almost all other accidents occur because of a human error such as speeding, running a red light, drinking and driving or distracted driving. Mississippi drivers are responsible for the safety and welfare of every person who shares the road with them. Failure to do so is neglect when it results in an automobile accident. You may be a victim of neglect, which entitles you to monetary compensation.

Why GKBM can help

No automobile accident ever ends with happy victims. Many victims are grateful that they are alive, but they still suffer emotional trauma even when they do not suffer physical trauma. You may be eligible for compensation whether you think your injury is serious or not. A personal injury attorney can help determine whether the other party should owe you monies for any care that you are receiving or that you need to receive. Such an attorney can review your case and let you know if you qualify after you consultation.

As an accident victim, you can receive one or two types of compensation. Compensatory damages is an easy term to remember because it includes funds that compensate you. They compensate you for your medical bills, medication, therapeutic appointments, lost work wages, auto repairs, household bills and so much more. The second type of compensation that you may receive is called punitive damages. Punitive damages are extra monies that a judge may give you because of amount of neglect that your case entails.


The stages of personal injury assistance start with your first meeting with the attorney, which is known as a consultation. This is a fact-finding meeting between you and your prospective attorney. You will tell the attorney what happened to you during your accident, and the attorney will tell you if your case qualifies for compensation. Next, you decide whether you want the lawyer to represent you after the lawyer tells you the terms of the agreement. The attorney will then proceed to try to find a case resolution as quickly as possible.

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GKBM is a firm that you can trust for its experience, professionalism and former results. When you hire someone from GKBM, you can relax and breathe because you know that your attorney will fight for you aggressively until you get a case win. Your initial consultation is free, so you never have to worry about scraping cash together just to speak to someone. You can call the firm today and have someone evaluate your case. The Merigold personal injury attorney truly wants to help you get your life back in order. Don’t be afraid to call immediately.

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