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Being 25 miles west of Memphis means that many residents of Munford, Tennessee commute to work daily. This is the fourth most affordable suburb in America, and it has retained its small town atmosphere throughout the generations. If you life here, then you know what a peaceful and tranquil place it is to live. All too often, however, that peace and tranquility is shaken to its core when a car accident occurs. It is equally difficult to handle if the accident is not your fault, yet it all too often becomes burdensome to get the compensation that you need to financially survive this tumultuous time. This is precisely the reason that you need to consider contacting a Munford personal injury attorney at the GKBM Law Firm.

Why you need a Munford attorney

Quite a few unfortunate situations happen simultaneously when a car accident occurs. On top of the possibly physical injury and corresponding medical bills that occur, there is the need to repair or replace the vehicle, and there is time off work to consider. If you are the sole breadwinner in the family, this becomes particularly problematic very quickly. You need financial compensation for the accident, and you need it now. The problem is that insurance companies know this too. As a result, they will work hard to get you to settle very quickly for far less money than you are legally entitled to. If you are finding it difficult or too time consuming to deal with the insurance companies on your own, then you are not alone. This is not a battle you need to fight on your own, and our law firm has decades of experiencing defend personal injury cases for residents of Munford, Tennessee.

How we work

You understandably have quite a few questions following a serious automobile accident resulting in personal injury and financial loss. Many of these will almost certainly involve legal questions, and that is why we offer all clients in Munford, Tennessee a free consultation. During this conversation, we would ask you to let us know the details of your case and show us the police report. You will also be able to ask us any questions that you might have at that time, and we will do our best to answer each and every one. As professionals in this specific area of the law, we want to do our part to explain the process to you and help you understand how we intend to get you the financial compensation that you deserve in as little time as possible. At the end of the consultation, our Munford personal injury attorneys will advise you on what we see as being your best legal course of action moving forward.


Dealing with the insurance companies on your own can be difficult. We all know that. What is more troubling, however, is the financial loss that you and your family will suffer in the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident. It is certainly not a fruitful prospect to have legal bills to add on top of that. That is why we advance all fees incurred to our personal injury clients. Once you decide to allow us to work vigorously on your case, we will begin doing so without sending you a bill for one dime. In fact, we will not get paid until you do. In the rare event that we are not able to get a favorable decision in your case, then you will not owe us anything. This takes the financial burden of a legal matter out of your hands, giving you the peace of mind that you need to focus on your recovery and taking care of your family. That is our obligation and commitment to you as our client.

If you have been injured in a car accident, if your looking to protect wages from garnishment in student loan default, or searching for other financial recover services,  you will want to contact our law offices right away. We can immediately set to work getting your car fix or repaired, and we will work hard on your behalf to get you the financial compensation that you are legally entitled given your particular case.

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